Anyone for a dip in the mindf*#$k pool? (6 photos)

Artist, Leandro Erlich created this pool illusion with two-ply glass ceilings with water in the middle. The imaginary pool is the key exhibit at PS1 Art Center in New York.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    its fun to play with peoples perspectives, it leaves them dizzy

    • stonyjoe

      be like walking on water

  • Argh

    first mutha f-er

    • Oolon Colluphid

      Maybe you need to learn to count.

      • DaddyD

        He was too busy f*cking his mother.

        • fuzzybeard2016

          He should go back home and fuck her some more.

    • Maynard B.

      Oops, try again dickshredder.

  • T-Moze

    #3 That is kinda cool.

  • Chris Musgrove

    Right now I am playing Mass Effect 2 for the 360. It is really awesome, oh and this art exhibit sucks goat knuckle.

    • PS3

      Haha, you bought an Xbox, which cost only $100 less than a PS3 bbut doesn't play Blu-Ray which automatically makes it vastly inferior, and you – not too smart.

      • Xbox

        Too bad all your games suck and your controller is wonky!

      • ...

        Too bad you, Xbox, and Chris all have nothing better to do than argue about bloody video game consoles.

        • Kyle Retrato

          Guys, put down your controllers, and go the fuck outside.

          • Chris Musgrove

            Take down, arm bar less then a minute. Tap or it breaks. Pick him up and share a craft brew with him… all good.

        • shaka khan

          one day they will actually have sex (with another person) even though they will probably pay for it, and then they won't care as much about video games.

      • a guy

        I think all three systems are great and have fantastic games.

    • Anonymous chiver

      Funny, I'm doing the exact same thing, high five!!!

  • pdiddily420

    It would be cool to bake that thing out! I would call it "smoke under water"

    • Kayla Smith

      You would drown so many people….even though there's no water…. 🙂 Lmao!!

    • fuzzybeard2016

      Fire in the sky!

  • JAS

    yeah, awesome until your drunk friend decides to dive in face first to get to the underwater party.

    • Alf

      HaHaHaHa true that…

  • L00K

    did i just step in a time machine

  • GK-4

    still kind of awesome

  • Diana Santos

    i would love take pics inside that pool 🙂

  • Ilya Jay

    Just snorted coffee out my nose. Well Done.

  • Junior

    i don't get it…where's the awsome tush?

  • Jak

    I'd rather have a real fuckin pool with chicks in bikini's. But that's just me

  • Henry Gibson

    How does a drunk friend diving into a not-pool negate its awesomeness? On the contrary, it makes the not-pool geometrically more awesome.

  • Henry Gibson

    But what I want to know is: how do they get in and out?

  • duckor

    anyone else thinking… CANNON BALL!!!!! omfg my tail bone.

  • Ash

    I'd have a small child lay motionless on the bottom and watch the fun ensue.

    • sarah

      You, dear plonker, are a retard
      That isn't something you should find entertaining / funny, for parents who have lost children that way would be exceptionally tasteless and cruel.

      • tom

        get a fucking sense of humor

  • Lifeguard


  • Brother Maynard


  • Andrew Stevens

    Why is Captain Kirk trying to reach into it in #4?

  • The Dude

    He did one in kanazawa japan a while ago

  • The Essence of Chive

    I'd take that pool to pound town any day brah.

  • Nathan

    this is actually in Brisbane Australia at the moment. saw it a couple weekends ago

  • Gavin Hudson

    #1 is actually in Kanazawa in Japan. Pretty cool when you see it! Better when it's empty, then someone looking into it doesn't realise that people can be down there, and you stroll into view 🙂

  • platypus

    Been there, it's awesome.

  • luckyguy

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