Chive Everywhere (45 Photos)

  • Nina

    Wohoo, seeing my pic on the front page of the Chive was even more awesome than expected!

    Not a skier/snowboarder myself, but I'll always show up to a good costume party!:)

  • Troy Larsen

    #1 FUCK yes i go skiing there almost every weekend!!!!! Pali wall is some of the best skiing in Colorado!

  • lily

    #2 let's get married

  • Alex Justesen


    just got back golfing from there… love the place!

  • Filmsincolor

    #40 spaceneedle?

  • Gino

    {Insert Typical Internet Anonymous Comeback Below}

    Your mom didn't disapprove or your sister, hell even your dad gave us a thumbs up afterwords

    {But honestly}

    The chive in the background was taken by accident, we just thought it was funny cuz we got busted on our facebook by some chivers and decided to submit and see if it got posted

    You should check out the show sometime

    Listen online at
    M-F 5 – 10am

  • orl

    #11 needs to be taken down! it's an insult to the chive. #40 toronto

  • Thumpybass

    #25 The Chive does not sell Prii

  • kazam

    chive on from Chile

  • milli

    #27 MYRTLE WOO HOOO!!!

  • Nathan Hodges

    #3 just letting you know theres a large group of chivers at smith dorm (gatech)

  • Steve

    #36 University of Delaware!!!

  • Aaronjrivera

    #21 WHOOP!!! Gig'em from the CHEM building!

  • dub

    #40 Space Needle

  • WirelessCable

    #14 something just doesn't add up there…

    #40 you are in the USA

    #43 why are you still using Vista? What is wrong with you?
    But yes, the girls are pretty I'll give you that

    • London

      What's wrong with me? I'm a poor college student and my laptop is old.

  • beakercaz


    Chive on 'Hens!

  • Adi


    Big fan …..

  • luckyguy
  • evan

    #4 so this is why schools are so f@!#%d up

  • evan

    #40 some shitty city that isn't New York

  • sisko

    #16, Chive on from NAS Pt. Mugu!

  • stubbornguinea


    Seriously??? Any of you jackholes feel as if it's ok to post anything after putting an opposing paramedic fan into a coma??? Da Bums need to go the way of the dinosaurs!!!

  • mrjimmyos

    #7 – That's a good photo
    #17 – Heheh
    #23 – WOOO YEAH! Thanks Chive for featuring my photo 😀 Now I'm gonna go look at some more chive stuff with the Superman theme playing…

  • Lokobo


    You are cool. I wish I was there!

  • P90

    #25 The Prius is not just a car, it's a fucking embarassing car.

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