kids are hittin’ the bottle early these days (36 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

  • yay boobs

    #6 What the hell is wrong with these people? Coors Light , Really?! That stuff taste like shit!

  • stewie

    u r a bigger buzzkill than buzz killington!

  • evan

    YOU ALL FAIL!!!!!!

  • kozel

    #17 Slovensko? 🙂

    • mio

      Zlaty bazant vladne svetu 🙂

  • BigRed27

    I feel like they recreated my college experience…facial expressions, passing out on the table, everything

  • koawm

    I didn't see a single Jager bottle. Are we more responsible parents? Maybe?.?.

  • Mark Zuckerturd

    These will make excellent face book profile pics in the future.

  • Andrew

    Is #25 the eTrade baby?

  • Rrr

    Not funny, it´s children abuse.

  • Jack

    BOOOOOOOOO you suck

  • Katie

    I agree. I have met people whose mothers drank while they were pregnant and then 'jokingly' let their kid drink as babies/toddlers. Those people have tons of health issues now, not to mention all the shit wrong with their heads due to the affects of alcohol damaging their brains at such a young age.

  • Katie

    Actually the Irish typically don't allow their kids to drink until they ween them off milk… And even then, they don't want their kids to start taking all their alcohol. Courtesy of my finance who is Irish.

  • Carlos SLB

    #23 already a pro XD

  • Chris Jenson

    "While little Timmy lacked the cranial development to form his thoughts into words, he was somehow sure that something great and magical awaited him at the bottom of that glass."

  • mandy

    just like the picture of the kid with the bong and weed cant wait to see how many of these children get taken away 😦

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