Lauren Gentile, Erin Willett, and Willow Hubbard coming to L.A. for Chivette calendar shoot, first official Chive meetup! (18 Photos)

After months of hinting, it's actually happening. Chive darling Lauren Gentile, 2010 Chivette of the Year Erin Willett aka 'Guitar Girl', and Willow Hubbard - our first Chivette of 2011, have been selected to as the first Chivettes to represent the Inaugural 2012 Chivette Calendar.

Starting May 5th, you'll be able to tune in to theCHIVE's live webcams and see your favorite Chivettes take part in two days of devastatingly sexy photoshoots. It's time to take our real girls on the national stage and turn some heads.

If you're a Chivette it has never been a better time to submit. There are still 8 slots available for the Chivette of the Month honor. So start submitting those photos and you too could be on a plane to L.A.

All of this awesomeness will culminate with our first official Chive meetup on Saturday, May 7th. Lauren, Erin, and Willow will be in attendance along with the entire Chive crew. The venue has not yet been set, it will likely be on L.A.'s West Side, but we wanted to get the date out now so our Chivers can mark their calendars.

Tickets will be available next week (by 'tickets' it's mainly a ticket to drink your face off.) We don't expect the venue will hold more than 120 people and we're trying to figure out a fair way to make the tix available as we know they'll go in minutes. Suggestions are welcome.

We have to start all this somewhere at some point. The time has come for the best community on the internet to come together, meet each other, and get hammered drunk.

Brace yourselves and Chive On,

John 'n Leo

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