• missy

    this is addictive

    • Jeff

      One pill makes you larger
      And one pill makes you small
      And the ones that mother gives you
      Don't do anything at all
      Go ask Alice
      When she's ten feet tall

    • andfukyamoms

      this is the dumbest fucking thing ever

  • leighton

    i just hung a rubber ducky

    • CuriousGeorge

      He committed suicide. Stop being such a narcissistic.

      • MRob

        I almost hurt myself laughing at that reply. Well played.

    • heywood

      do you mean you are hung like rubby ducky?

    • Cavall


  • jamison

    best way to water the plant = bowling ball

  • The_BOFH

    Magic rabbit uses carrot to make a pumpkin out of a bowling ball. News at 11. fun times!

  • bennyboy


  • Junior

    are there any combinations that produce a hot tush?

    • drew

      Don't know, but I just found pedobear.

  • disturbed

    Guess I'll be staying in for lunch.

  • mattythegooch

    I have broccoli?!

  • Bob

    Portal FTW

  • Mike

    where can I get this from?

  • Cake is a Lie

    Damn you Chive… I go on vacation next week and Im suppose to get a lot of work done today to prepare. Now Im creating evil stuffed teddy bears and blowing up helicopters

    • Country Boy

      Productivity prior to this: "Wow, I'm getting so much done today!"
      Productivity after this: "Don't do it broccolli! The portal's a lie!"

  • bobs419

    up down up down left right left right select start= game over.

  • uaaea


  • Apollos

    that is trippy as hell!


    I don't think it's as much of a game as it is a choose your own acid trip.

  • jimbo


  • Henry Gibson

    What is going on with all these posts about Russia? This will be the third in 24 hours.

    I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering where they're all coming from.

    • Dr. Jam

      russia obviously…

  • Diana Santos

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ i want more!!!

  • dnawenoa


    • dasuperfan

      up down up down left right left right B A B A start

      • Brutal Deluxe

        Goddamn it people! It's up up down down! Are we going to have to mail out refurbished nintendos to everybody?

  • iinferno2010

    thanks chive for making me waste 30 minutes when I was supposed to be helping my co-workers…no really…thanks!

  • Honest Joe

    I can't stop playing this game.


  • Love2LiveLife

    i just wasted an hour of my day and loved it

  • musetv

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! the duck killed himself 😦

  • 264>KAY

    this is awesome>>>MORE MORE MORE MORE

  • Putin on The Ritz

    Yes yes, I know, in Soviet Russia message approves you.

    • Putin on The Ritz

      I just want to apologize for how unfunny I am, and how much I have wasted everyones time. I'm just a virgin with pent up teenage angst.

      • Putin on The Ritz

        Sorry for the previous comment, I left my profile open and Medvedev, that mischievous cunt, decided it would be funny to pretend to be me. It wasn't. Rest assured that his family was, in fact, executed.

        • Brutal Deluxe

          Closure, sweet closure

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