Nothing like a T-Rex terrorizing children at our schools (Video)

A 7-foot-tall baby T-Rex bounded in at a school in Sydney to promote a national tour of the animatronic show “Walking with Dinosaurs.” Nearly 350 students were waiting for what they thought was a talk about the show when a dinosaur bounded in through the doors. I wish I was a kid when this happened.

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  • Brandon

    funny thing was after it left the entire building smelt of poo and not dino poo.

  • Zach

    I have a friend who was in this show! Those suits are about 130 pounds, so you can imagine running in them. I'm gonna make him email the Chive with pics!


    Source: Reddit dot com

  • darren

    I love that they got away with it. Thatd never happen in the US

  • Diana Santos

    i had a t-rex scaring the children when i was on school too: my teatcher ^_^ jk,she was cool :p

  • Lynne McNaught!

  • Enrique SPY

    T-rex are actually considered safe there, in contrast to their poisonus everything.

    • michael

      Some parent, who needs money would sue on the premises causing their child emotional distress. Just got done with a business law test, but its people like that, that make me sicm

    • jj8

      You are right. The kids were told that it was an American, bringing us American democracy…!

  • SDB

    I was actually at a press conference announcing a WwD Live Show, and got to stand right next to the juvenile rex. The funny thing is that, even though you know it's a puppet–you can see the guy's legs!–you can't help but respond like it's real. The co-worker I went with actually jumped, just like those kids, when she went to pet the head for a photo, and it spun its head at her!

  • Chris

    That was ridiculously awesome, I want one.


    Where's little Johnny jumping on his back and stabbing him with a #2 pencil? If this was Florida we would be reading about a 3rd grader being led away in handcuffs after getting tased for assaulting the dinosaur puppeteer.

  • luckyguy

    what about watching some of these videos? go to

  • Ash

    Goddamn! When I was their age Jurassic Park was just out…WHY couldn't they have made this dino suit then!?? Godfuck, that would have been even more AWESOME to see back then!

  • Seneca

    OMG is that real?!!

  • Dan Hewett


  • MacNCheesePro

    jmac, I live in the US and I approve your message, lol!

  • OneEndedStick

    This is why I love being an Australian. A parent could get a call from a school saying that their child was eaten by a T Rex and they wouldn't bother asking "How the fuck is that even possible??"
    Walking with Dinosaurs is amazing btw.

  • Da Sandman

    I WANT ONE!!!

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  • jeplant

    Yeah. That was pretty cool.

  • Josh

    Best. Halloween. Costume. EVER! Just think of all the god damn fun you could have with that suit.

  • scott

    so i mean this is super cool, but that was the size of a small allosaur at best. Super cool being the key phrase here, but a t-rex was almost 40 feet long…

  • scott

    so i mean this is super cool, but that was the size of a small allosaur at best. Super cool being the key phrase here, but a t-rex was almost 40 feet long…

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  • Kerryn

    Wondreufl explanation of facts available here.

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