The quest to find sexy World of Warcraft players is over (35 Photos)

This popular Russian website has hit the motherload of WoW hotties. Although some of these girls appear to be (and are) models, they are apparently serious about their Warcraft.

  • Sushi

    2 of them are my guildies

  • its_forge

    Felicia Day plays WoW. 'Nuff said.

  • Sugreev2001

    Man,I need to head to Moscow.I'm still young enough to have some 'fun'.

  • Emil MD

    why play wow while you could be f*cking

  • Locke


  • Colbe Cheese

    dear chive,
    please find #16 short haired girls are aaaa…mazing!


    #22 Where's her pet?

  • Always Last


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