• Sugreev2001

    Short Answer – Bill Murray FTW !

  • GlibTongue

    With all the random appearances he's made all over America…

    I have a personal fantasy about him showing up when my twin boy and girl are going to get baptised and be their…GODFATHER.

  • Phondo

    fuck Bill Murray. i hope he drags his sweaty, wrinkly, smelly, nut-sack across all of your lips.

  • Tom

    Exactly what i was thinking

  • Stephen Neal

    Enough Bill Murray knob-slobbing, Chive.

  • betterthanyou

    Is Bill Murray Canadian? He's too intelligent and authentic to be American.

  • Popty_ping

    They left out Murray's greatest improv…at the dentist in 'Little Shop of Horrors'….

  • Nickincollege


  • Adam

    I'm in the process of opening a bar and I have decided that I will be adding "The Murricane" to our drink menu!

  • A pair of independent filmmakers from Greenville want Bill Murray for their film « SC News Exchange

    […] Murray’s mood swings led screenwriter Dan Aykroyd to nickname him “The Murricane.” […]

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