Evolution of Home Video Game Consoles: 1967 – 2011 (69 Photos)


  • Bryan

    wow, what a long way we've come.

    • Bryan

      #56 and by the way, I agree. Greatest system ever!

      • mipakr

        correction #42

        • Guse

          Pound for pound, the best system ever made. Agreed.

        • https://www.facebook.com/people/Franky-Jr-Blondeel/700925324 Franky Jr Blondeel

          mine was rounder, as i recall

      • azhooligan

        Goldeneye 007! Best game for the system

        • Poppin Fresh

          no. Mario Kart 64. but Goldeneye was number 2.

          • Dewd


      • theuncool1

        All modern Video Games are based off Games made for N64. First in true 3d. First in memory.

        • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

          You guys forgot sega cd which I still have with panzer dragoon. worth MAD money and in fact is a pretty terrible game ironically.

        • Justin Hall

          Eh, what? If I remember correctly, the N64 was behind the curve when it came to cartridge versus CDs for their storage, and Nintendo actually opted for the former when given a choice at the time. They dicked over Sony, who they were collaborating with, and the result was Sony making the Playstation. </endnerdrant>

    • timetravlr

      #3 was my first "system" #9 was my last. not much of a gamer i guess

    • aosux

      Where's gameboy?!

    • CorpChivette

      #37 still gets my thumbs up.

  • Jessica Condrey

    😀 Awesome post Chive

  • storesy

    #38 It all began with the Mega Drive for me!

    • raf

      Do a portable version of this post Chive! I love my Sega Game Gear alot!

    • ted

      yup and my first games were sonic and mortal combat.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Gingergreek Pani Booyah

      Greatest machine ever for me!!

    • gaz

      it started with the Sinclare spectrum for me but its not on here 😦

  • Anjin-San

    coleco vision.
    my first one.
    I still love it

    • http://twitter.com/NeverYetContest @NeverYetContest

      I concur!

    • http://www.facebook.com/craigweiss.sd Craig Weiss

      We got Coleco Vision for Xmas one year and then were snowed in with a blizzard – played about 72 hours straight.

      • Bumblerbee

        Zaxxon and Ladybug.

    • Ryan Smith

      if you know where to get a working "frenzy" ROM, please let me know!! i can't find one that works anywhere

  • chrisdg74

    Began with #9 for me. I get a little misty-eyed thinking back to that evening in 1980, when the old man brought it home(the one with 6 switches, not the one shown with 4). And 30 years later, I'm still hooked.

    • Dood

      And…And it came with Combat

      I'm with you man. Same story.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Kaboom! Best game ever!

      • Dan

        Fuck that, man! Pitfall was the greatest game ever!

      • Poppin Fresh

        agreed. Kaboom was amazing.

    • Poppin Fresh

      I started with the TI-99 4a but they don't even show that one! 😡
      That was a cartridge based system. good 'ole Parsec, Burger Time, and whatever else that one crappy game was that was supposed to talk to you.

      • chrisdg74

        Ha! Burger Time. I had that!

        • Poppin Fresh

          yeah, i never hated hot links more in my life than when I was playing that game.

    • junglist

      tell me someone else played this gem.

    • Airwalktdk

      this was my first gaming experience, still remember it today.

  • Why Not?

    Dreamcast sucked, gotta pick SNES as #1

    • joe

      you shut your mouth dreamcast is the most underrated console on here!

    • imjuliooo89

      it was actually too advanced for the time, that also made it too expensive and thus the downfall of one of the greatest Game Console Companies of our time. DreamCast was awesome, just cost too much.

  • jppatches

    Imo the atari 800xl should be shown

    • Paul

      Star Raiders was great to play at the time…

  • USAF

    #24 Was my first system lol

    • monkeyfoot

      me too. well, it was really my older brother's, but it was the first video game i ever played

    • V4vendetta14

      Same here… Astrosmash, Snafu, B-17 Bomber were my favorites…

    • mbomb

      Advanced dungeons and dragons! Loved it. Tron deadly discs, snafu.

      • Richard III

        OH MY GOD, TRON ROCKED ON INTELLIVISION- I wish I was playing right now!

    • weeder

      mine also. sports games for me and my bros. loved playing football against my pop.

    • Mitur Binisdirty

      This was also the first system my brother and I got (in think '82). we fought about what games to play all the time.

  • Mike

    #37 That was my first. Wish I could have found the missing cords to it, unfortunately had to get rid of it.

  • iinferno2010

    I started with SNES, and from there, never looked back. Nintendo all the way!, Although I had a PS2, and it got stolen….never missed it though 🙂

  • GTO


    Virtual Boy fried my brain

    • Wes

      …and my eyes.

    • Poppin Fresh

      the boxing game for that was dope though.

    • WestPalmP

      Played it one time at a kiosk in a Blockbuster. After one game of tennis I realized someone stole my wallet. True story

  • http://www.facebook.com/schulzen Federico Schulzen

    best post evar

  • Primenumber2

    #56 the N64 was most likely the greatest system ever…it's a fact

    • Anonymous

      I think what you mean is it had the best, most fun games. The system itself wasn't much of anything special. Nintendo had great programmers and good licensing back then.

      • Sizzle

        Still the best version of Mario Kart to be made, imo. The Wii version can't hold a candle to the N64 version.

      • TjPshine

        System itself wasn't anything special?
        Sorry to question you good sir.
        The ole' N64 was the very first console capable of 3D imagery.
        ^If that isn't a testament to how special it was, I don't think anything was special.

        Goldeneye 64, first game ever with dual weilding.
        Smash 64, still played competitively at tournaments
        Pokemon Stadium, obviously what handheld pokemon games are now trying to get to with their battle styles.

        To say this system wasn't anything special is a farce

        • Anon

          Wow, I thought the PS1 could do 3D…

    • llcoolranch

      BOND!!! first true multiplayer!

      • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

        goldeneye, perfect dark, turok so many favs

        • Seven

          me and my buddies used to play perfect dark for days

          • Darksoul

            So many friendships were lost thanks to Smash Brothers and Mario Cart.

            • OGMrWhite

              Conquerors Bad Fur Day!

              • Randy Marsh

                *Conkers, my friend

    • tag

      Supported by the fact all the follow on consoles often feature throw back N64 and SNES games.

    • Aeternus

      Anyone else got blisters on their hands from spinning the joystick full speed playing games like Mario Party?

    • imjuliooo89

      The games were amazing! I just did not like the controller at all! it was the most uncomfortable thing to hold, aside from the super fat original XBOX controller. N64 was a great console though, the only reason I didn't get one was because of the controller itself.

    • JSK

      most likely? no, it is just a fact

  • DB3

    3DO? With Gex.. It said REAL on it or something. The only other system I owned other than NINTENDO and PLAYSTATION

  • Quixote

    #58 I still think that Dreamcast didn't get the love that it deserved…

    • lil slugger


    • Sizzle

      I know! I was just thinking that. The graphics were amazing when it first came out. Crazy Taxi and Virtua Tennis are still some of my favorite games. Not to mention the original Grand Theft Auto.

      • ChrisJ5285

        Virtua tennis was fun as hell !

      • Joel

        Virtual Tennis, Soul Caliber, and Power Stone. I could still play those today and have fun.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ryanmercer4 Ryan Mercer

      Crazy Taxi and Power Stone(2)
      I mean come on.. Instant classics

    • jayw

      I know! and the memory cards with the screens! awesome!
      shadowman was my favourite dreamcast game but Virtua tennis was great!

  • Nazz1962

    #3 Yep, first video game ever, for me. I was about 12 when this game came out

  • Jessica Condrey

    #42 #56 what was great about these 2 systems is the fact that they are nearly unbreakable, got mine when they were released and they still work along with all the games.

    Alcohol+cotton swab was all you needed to fix any problem back then 😉

    • USAF

      First step was a good blow (lol, no gay pun intended), then alcohol+cotton swab if that didnt work

      • Jessica Condrey

        correct 😉

        • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

          WOW! Thanks for the flashback Jessica. I remember the alcohol/cotton swab trick. Gee, makes me want to break out the 8-track and listen to Jefferson Airplane. 😉

      • kevguy

        is it a gay pun because you are air force?

        • USAF

          I believe the branch you mean is the Navy buddy…

    • Sizzle

      Fuck, my senior year of college (2008) was mostly wasted drinking beer and playing Mario Kart on N64. I still play the thing.

    • skippy

      Nearly unbreakable because you are a girl. We're a little rougher with our toys.

  • Bryan

    #33 FTW!

    • SkyVader

      I still have mine in the garage.


        Still break mine out on a rainy day! Thats right, still works like a champ!

    • bigdeal

      christmas. this and a 16 in. color tv w 2 dials. omg. dad set it up for me right at this very table (visiting today) … snowy out, no stores open. nothin to do but play…. remember the 1st time you actually could get the extra lives off the steps without dying? …. remember how when it started fucking up, all you had to do was blow on that cartridge? when that didnt work anymore, fashion something up the perfect size to wedge into the machine right above the opening for the cartridge so it would read the game…. anyone else remember a game where your in a ship scrolling to the right and you shoot popsicles ???? nintendo wii , the first system i got my kid that first xmas it was out. totally love nintendo.

  • Wavien

    #56 First console I ever played on… Ohh the memories :p

    • Dewd

      yup good memories ^^

  • http://desejos-intimoss.blogspot.com/ Sensual


    used to have the most annoying game bundled with it, never got to finish it

  • Maurice Alvarado

    Whatever happened to the Infinium Labs Phantom?

  • DeathByCherio

    I love playing video games but I am really not looking forward to paying for the next generation of consoles. Remember how much the ps3 cost when it first came out?

    • Sizzle

      Yes, four hundred fucking dollars. And people bought it. It might have a blu-ray and kiss you on the mouth before you go to bed but that doesn't make up for the fact that it won't even play PS2 games…

      • Dillon Turcotte

        400? more like 800 it didn't drop to 500 untill it had been out for about 2 years

        • Dillon Turcotte

          also the first gen playstation 3 DID play PS2 games, the backwards compatibility was taken out after the 80gb was discontinued

          • kodakkid

            even then its only a few games thats why we kept the ps2. but on the play station network they even have ps1 favorites you can download and play on ps3 any gen.

    • yoselahonda

      That's better than paying $200 less for the XBox 360 only to have to buy an additional $250 in extras in order to make it only almost as good as the PS3. Then add the extra $75 for extended warranty because you know it is an inevitability that your XBox is going to give you the RROD and you'll need to get another one. Bought my PS3 for $600 dollars about 9 months after original release, haven't had to spend a dime on the system itself ever since because it was made well and came with all the convenient extras included.

      • DeathByCherio

        somebody sounds a bit angry with the world there yoselahonda haha

        • Skye

          why do ppl say PS3 doesn't play PS2 games? I've never had a freakin' problem with it, I even gave away my PS2 bc I didn't need it anymore.

      • benbobbins

        Don't forget having to pay for online play. Fuck that.

  • lil slugger

    My life long obsession with games all started with #35 I still remember sneaking out of bed just to watch my pop play fantasy star..

  • http://www.facebook.com/lalo.spain Lalo Teijeiro

    It really got interesting after N64 (which I also agree it's the one I've enjoyed the most) seemed everyone was copying nintendo innovative ideas 😛

    To think we've come all the way up to now… nostalgia'd.. there's a lot of the older ones I didn't know.. I started with a NES so yah

  • cableguy2011

    Is it sad that I've had more than 50% of these?

    • iambigd42

      I'm right there with you pal:)

    • Matt

      yeah sorry dude it actually is, mainly because more than 75% (more like 90%) failed miserably.

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