Evolution of Home Video Game Consoles: 1967 – 2011 (69 Photos)


  • Joel

    where's the sega cd?

  • danno

    I've never even seen 60% of those consoles, and I'm definitely old enough to have!

  • snow cone

    forgot nintendos power glove….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Price/100000647858616 John Price

    Ah, memories! I started off with #42 but the European version was far less clunky looking.

  • Parappa the Rapper

    If you have the Motion Plus and the Kinect, where is the EYE TOY!!!

    Everyone always says how innovative Kinect is, when EyeToy came out earlier for the PS2…

  • o

    you forgot the TI-99 4/A

  • Mike

    What about the JVC X'Eye?

  • Grasp

    Nintendo 64 Nintendo sixty foooooooooAAAAR !!!!

  • force kin

    Wheres the Sega cd??

  • its_forge

    This is a pretty complete list!! We had #22, and we didn't get an Atari 2600 until after I grew up and moved out, I was pissed about that 'cuz the only decent game on Odyssey was their version of Pac-Man which was leaps and bounds better than the 2600 Pac-Man, MAN that Atari Pac-Man SUCKED.

  • Carlos SLB

    #33 i firsth love XD

  • Thumpybass

    But what of PCs?

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    […] EDIT: A late edit which I found to be rather fitting to my Gamer DNA: The Evolution Of The Video Game  […]

  • Jeroen

    I actually had to learn this for a test recently, being a Game Design Student.
    Nice to see you got it all right 😉
    Also, some sad news that you might not know: the inventor of the Channel F Fairchild died recently 😦

  • Killajones

    What about the TSR80???? You could play games AND it had programmers module where you could learn "machine language" and program your own stuff!

  • skippy

    #42 best system ever

  • nom nom

    #21 Awesomely under rated system (still have mine)

  • Tigerman82

    you are missing one game console, its the Sega CD. It attached to the side of the 16 bit Sega Gensis.

  • Tony

    so sad no Comodore 64, I learned BASIC on that thing and played Street Fighter!!

  • Rebel_Soul

    #22 My Grandfather was a dealer for these. Best Christmas ever as a kid!

  • Fleaman

    N64 was the WORST System i ever got! i didn't have ANY fun with it!. the ONLY game that even made it worth owning for me was Zelda and Mortal Kombat Trilogy (cause of no loading) thats IT. the playstation was and will ALWAYS be my favorite.

  • dumdum

    #26 Vectrex was the coolest of all of them. RIP, unique and awesome little thing.

  • http://www.judsonmaria.net/index.php/geral/a-evolucao-do-video-game-1967-2011 A Evolução do Video Game 1967-2011 | J U D S O N M A R I A
  • http://www.echolocationband.com Jay G

    where's the sega CD? that awful awful add on for the genesis!

  • T-Patt

    NES -> SNES -> N64 -> Playstation -> Xbox -> Xbox 360

    Now for NES to Playstation 2 I just use emulators lol.

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