Explosive Ordnance Disposal, or you may know it as the Bomb Squad (58 Photos)

If you have a few bucks lying around, please donate to the casualties of this very dangerous and courageous job at the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation

  • peter

    reminds me of hurt locker

    • MagicMitch

      You didn't say first you silly potatohead!

  • PaulaTaggedMeIn

    #2 and #53 cool guys don't look at explosions.

  • civilian

    puts our various jobs into perspective .

  • BigDingo

    to #57 and all the other brave people in these squads, thank you for your sacrifices

    • Edge

      Respect to the both of you.

    • Hooya Navy!

      You need to have your mouth blown off….

    • Ross

      I dare you to say that to their face. Then see what happens.

    • Hooyah EOD

      You joking? EOD is one of the hardest MOS's to get into in any service. It is on the level of the SEALs in the Navy, and the MC and Army EOD units all have the same rigourous training. Maybe when you move out of your mothers basement you will realize that EOD's job is to protect those that protect us state side. EOD is sent in to clear explosives before other troops move through. They aren't ground pounders, they aren't killers. Not to say that they wouldn't kill, but they are on the level with Corpsemen (Medics) when it comes to saving people. Shut your ignorant mouth and do a little research.

    • God

      You should stop fucking your sister for a minute to go wash your mouth out with a revolver you felching piece of shit.

  • mike

    get some!!!!

  • Rooney

    EOD, balls bigger than buildings…

  • massad

    fuck the army

    • http://www.bentduckcafe.com Bruce

      Don't read thebrigade then retard.

    • Walker

      always gotta be one tool

    • mcmguy

      Quit being a turd and the Army won't shit on you.

  • Holz

    I really cannot put into words how much I admire and respect these people.

  • AndrewAgacki

    Balls of steel. Into these fields some must venture on a mission of destruction, risking their life and limbs for the sake of all around. Keep being brave and stay safe. I thank you.

  • zero00430

    I love this picture. The spirit of "YOU MISSED!", its just awesome.

  • Lauren Gentile

    #53 should be viewed to"America, F*** Yeah!". EPIC post!

  • mojo2975

    #58 just screams "SUCK IT BITCH" too awesome.

  • arrowflight

    God bless each one of these men and women who do this work. Thanks for your sacrifice and dedication.

  • howler

    This was here when I moved in… really…

  • Oasis

    #30 LOL

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    If I ever have to go to war, I wanna be #27

  • Edge

    #19 – Heartfelt thanks to the fallen. May they NEVER be forgotten.

  • P90

    EOD teams from any country are true heroes. I saw a news report on a of British soldier who had died out if Afghanistan who was sometimes defusing up to thirty IED's a day.

  • Captlazarus

    #3 is that a time traveling young Bruce Campbell?

  • Lucky


  • Tillman

    Thank all of you men and women in every branch of the service. In various ways, all of you work hard to dismantle a dangerous situation. I'm sorry the cost is so high so many times.

  • Shawn

    I love how the only one of a Marine is him flipping hte bird after catching some shrapnel lol. Definition of a bad ass right there.

    • mcmguy

      If by catching some shrapnel you mean getting blown up, then you are correct sir.

  • Jaeger

    "Hey bro, what's this smell like?" #25

  • imbrovvn

    #29 That is one cool looking dog.

  • edslerson


    Notice how many of those people died on the same day? You gotta have a death wish to sign up for this job

    • LAZYN8R

      You do know that's the month and year, and not an actual date, right? Guess not…

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