Chivette rescues two baby squirrels (8 Photos)

Amy Larson was working at the Lincoln Children's zoo when she heard what sounded like an animal crying inside one of the walls. Turns out that's exactly what it was. The staff actually cut a hole in the wall to reveal an adorable baby squirrel, his eyes hadn't yet opened. A couple weeks later, Amy got another baby squirrel, a girl. The two abandoned squirrels have become fast friends.
Amy is part of a wildlife group in Nebraska that takes in orphaned animals and rehabilitates them until they can be released into the wild, so yeah, pretty much the perfect person for the job.

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  • orylolol

    how nice of her 🙂

  • Badjob

    Nice squirrels… now show us your tits !

  • Emma Oliver

    commendable, but if she'd done that in the uk she *could* be arrested… it's illegal here to save vermin, no matter how cute!

  • Dick

    Is it just me, or do they all look the same?
    PS- Too much makeup

  • Lowtiercomputer

    Super Chivette! You deserve a huge hug!

  • Always Last


  • bonezoz

    See first off I'd like to know more about Amy Larson, secondly, as we don't have squirrels here in Oz, well at least not that I've seen, can you please let me know if you can import/export those cute little rats with bottle brush tails down here? I kinda miss seeing squirrels annoying the sh!t out of the neighbour dog.

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