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  • Mmm_Ciao

    Interesting comparison. Old console systems that seem to be more reliable and continue to work for years vs newer systems that have trouble functioning properly when you've only owned them for a short while. #8

    • Bob

      Ummm wow. Thanks for the incredibly graphic and completely unnecessary explanation since we all KNOW exactly what that sign meant.

      • nojoke420

        Wow, tits and brains

      • Mmm_Ciao

        You're welcome.

      • Mmm_Ciao

        Also, I had no idea two sentences was "incredibly graphic".

    • Ron

      It's called technological evolution. The Xbox360 has a lot more processing power, therefore runs a lot hotter and this shortens the lifespan of the console. The original NES had an extremely slow processor, that wouldn't get hot, so that is why they run for so long. The Xbox360 is known for the RROD but it will still never be as reliable or will it work as long as an original NES.

      • biindsp0t

        But remember NES was fast in the 80's and 20yrs from now the Xbox360 will be slow. It's called technological evolution.

        • Ron

          What is with the thumbs down? Am I too intelligent for the usual Chive audience? What I am stating is true. Another factor is that the Xbox 360 processor is much more complex than the NES processor, so more can go wrong. The Xbox 360 chip is created with a much more intricate process. The Xbox 360 runs on a multi core ATI Xenon processor running at 500MHz. The NES processor is a Ricoh processor running at a blistering 1.79MHz.

          • Blonde

            Your named after a Ginger in Harry Potter, SO YOU GET THUMBS DOWN!!!

            • Ron

              Oooooh! Internet bullying! I am SOOOOO scared! I am not named after said ginger as I am a lot older than him.

            • HotChick

              Ron's right, I don't know why people are giving a hard time. To Blonde, basing thumbs down on a name? That's pretty shallow and I'm astounded that people would thumbs up your post. It's bullies like you that need your asses kicked.

              • Raymond

                I think basing your worth off thumbs up or down by strangers is pretty shallow

          • YupYupYup

            One word for you, buddy: FANS! Yes it runs hotter because of the bigger WOW factor…so COOL IT THE STINK DOWN BEFORE YOU MARKET THE CRAP…sorry, getting carried away.

          • MMMMciao is Mmmmm

            you are being a know it all douche, missing the point, and being douchey.

          • http://youmomsbox.com Charles In Charge

            No you got all the thumbs down because you're a fucking nerd and nobody cares about your useless babble.

            • Ron

              More likely that it's because most of the people that frequent this site are so dumb that they can't comprehend it.

              "Someone's talking smart, let's thumb him down…more boobs!!"

          • Einstein

            You dick, Ron. I saw a 40 year old car on the road today, but that doesn't mean it is more reliable than a modern car, it just means all the broken ones have been thrown away. In 20 years time there will be a small number of Xbox's around which people will look at and go "aww aren't they cute, and so much more reliable than the Apple Wankberry I have now."

            • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angel-Vargas/566038551 Angel Vargas

              thats because the Apple Wankberry has inadequate cooling.

          • staatzy

            maybe make a console with a cooling system that will actually work with the update in processor technology… if processors progress 20 years, shouldnt cooling technology as well?

    • Nate2003

      You'll need to play Duck Hunt on your old CRT TV for it to work. Just attempted to play it after all these years on my HD LCD and the gun doesn't register.

      • Geshko

        I Just upgraded to an LCD TV, and finally acquired a Super Scope 6 (for SNES) about the same time. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that, it too, requires a CRT…

  • Catence

    The nintendo system with never die! #8

    • JohnQ

      *will :p

    • Belaruss

      It's because Skynet sent it from the future.

      • http://youmomsbox.com Charles In Charge

        Bravo….. any Skynet reference is win in my book.

    • Sizzle

      Swing and a miss.

  • 1234

    #20 Chuck Norris?

  • peter

    #2 oohh sweet jesus!

    #16 watch your hand there buddy

    • cleetus

      single rainbows are so yesterday.com.

      • dandy

        you mean passe, like heroin.

  • Alejandro Loret

    #8 oh man i wish i still had my nes.

    • Tyler

      I have the same issue as this guy. My super nintendo still works, my x-box is shit.

  • cuntfister9000

    You just got cuntfisted

    • Honey Bone

      Well played sir, well played.

    • jj6

      You have every right to be an ignorant, idiotic moron.. But… there is no need to advertise the fact..

  • Elliott Gonzalez

    #2 i think i'll taste the rainbow

  • Josh Gorter

    #1 you see if you don't tilt the cup you will get all foam

    • Jdub

      I've got a beer bottle in the other hand; I can wait for the foam to settle.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #14 is funny

  • Bizarrobear

    #2 Better than a pot of gold.

  • Joe

    #13 that heartshaped blur looks a lot like some continent I know….

    • alex

      sure does!

      • mick

        thats because it is. it is shaped like Africa.

        • mackin

          I'm surprised whoever made the caption didn't connect the Africa in South Africa with the Africa in the shape of Africa. Oh, and that the heart shape isn't even heart shaped. Has anyone confused Africa with a heart shape before?

    • http://www.goodadvice.co.za CalculatedRisk

      This 'hole' is at Gary Player's private residence. What a legend. As is Charl Schwartzel now too.

      Come on Mzansi!!

      • chris

        it is actually the 19th hole at a the Legends Golf & Safari Resort. It is not a private hole.

        • jajadude

          Neither is your mom's.

    • stephen

      you also have to take a helicopter to the top in order to tee off. it costs $200 to play the hole

  • alex


    the green is shaped like africa. not a heart

  • Anonymous

    The green in #13 is in the shape of Africa, not a heart…

  • BigDingo

    #16 remind anyone else of George Bush?

    • FriskyDingo

      no. does remind me of Obama though…

  • Guest

    #17 That's gonna hurt.
    Anyone know where this is?

    • http://www.facebook.com/leemalonetv Lee Malikibob Malone

      I've never wanted to go anywhere more than here.

  • copperbum

    #22 is excellent

    • Seannerz

      When I saw this movie in the theater as a kid I remember laughing so hard at this very scene I had tears in my eyes. Probably because I loved T2 so much.

      • copperbum

        That's pretty much the story of the whole film

    • P90

      Something hit me the other night, next year Wayne's World will be twenty years old.

      • dasuperfan

        wow thanks for making me feel old

    • Petey

      Have you seen this boy?

  • Cheeze81

    I think that heart shaped blur you are referring to is more along the lines of an Africa shaped blur…

    • http://www.facebook.com/dewaldjohan.olivier Dewald Olivier

      it is actually heart shaped….my home country this be.

  • Ouboet

    Correction: It's shaped like the African Continent.

  • henry

    #15 banksy in boston, had to see it when i was there!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Newman-Kazanjian/33706360 Newman Kazanjian

      banksky is the shit

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #6 redneck grill is effective
    #11 made me lol out loud

    • Stever

      It made you laugh out loud out loud?

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        exactly, just like this: lololololololololol

        • fibonacci5150

          that gif is so awesome

          • kodakkid

            Its to bad they did not show the inside of the car the steering shaft broke free and Petrov had no control and hit the150 marker

  • Anakrusix

    I was having a crappy morning- then I remembered theChive updated today. It got better.

  • Brad

    #8 That's funny, I just had my 360 red ring on me this weekend and my girlfriend said the same thing. They definitely don't make them like they used to.

    • Taoin

      I here alot of complaints about the xbox, I have had 3. None of them have ever broken (I have to 360's now). I had one wii break, and my ps3 runs super hot constantly I do not see people lining up to trade there 360 for an NES

      • Doc Icetea

        Yeah, I've bought my Xbox360 five years ago. Sure she runs a bit loud, at least compared to older consoles. But I've never had any technical problems in all that time. Never. Still works like a charm.

      • Bob

        Why don't you learn how to fucking spell instead of playing computer games.

        • Sizzle

          Bob gets a gold star for saying what we're all thinking.

    • Ron

      The reason why the Xbox 360 will NEVER last as long as an NES is because the NES didn't run nearly as hot as an Xbox 360. That is why they can last 20+ years. Heat kills electronics. Technological evolution, processors get faster, they run hotter and the hotter electronics get, the shorter their lifespan. The Xbox 360 has inadequate cooling so that doesn't help. That's why it sounds like a Harrier jet when you turn it on. The newer Xbox 360 design has a much better and efficient cooling design so it should last longer than the previous gen Xbox 360 but will never last as long as an NES.

      • ReyTiburones

        Liquid cooled X-Box?

  • bbqboobs

    #1 Miller LIte? I always figured you were more the Mickey's type.

    • Jdub

      Not Miller Lite, Schlitz! When Schlitz was actually good…

  • bbqboobs

    #2 Rainbow headlights? I approve, but it's gonna be a b*tch getting those registered with the DMV.

  • RustyxTrombone

    #10 cocaine is a hell of a drug

    • Charlie_Cheen

      This pic gives me a very claustrophobic feeling…

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