His methods might be questionable but breakfast was served nevertheless (24 Photos)


  • Mr. Shush

    Although looking at the package, that is bacon only in the broadest sense of the word.

    • Tyler

      Yeah, as a hazardous materials chemist I have to say that was not good for the guys liver and kidneys. Auto paint, especially from that era, is FULL of toxic crap that poor guy just wolfed down. Mmmmmm -carcinogens.

  • AZbtchs

    Meanwhile, in Texas…

  • jim

    i would have definetly let the paint burn off the car first

  • http://www.facebook.com/St.ChristopherPinto Christopher Pinto

    The guy sis wasted semen

  • buuillis

    how does that old joke about eating paint chips go again?

  • Josh

    There are so many things wrong with the method of cooking depicted in these photo's. Clearly this man has no common sense and no educaion background above grade 10 science. This may be the stupidest submission I have ever seen posted on the chive.

    • Sizzle

      You don't seem to be the type of person who should be criticizing one's level of "educaion."

      But yeah, this is the worst thing I've ever seen on The Chive.

      And also a prime example of why the Chinese are winning.

  • Da Sandman

    sure does look yummy…

  • Sizzle

    TheChive has been posting a lot of crap lately.

  • Peyton

    However unwise, this guy FRIED BACON ON A FREAKIN BURNING CAR. What did you do this weekend? Lighten up, trolls!

  • matt

    atleast she knows her place

  • http://www.facebook.com/masternatron Nathan Bowen

    the last words of a red-neck: "watch iisss main!"

  • Dominican

    looks fucking nasty

  • 2theblackhole

    my bacon comes with car paint now!

  • https://www.facebook.com/chenzer Vince Barto

    huge dumbass!

  • wztarheel

    This guys an epic idiot.

  • TCB12

    Waitress: "What would you like with your bacon & eggs, sir?"

    Me: "Ohh, how about some paint chips from the roof of a car?"

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    A'merica Fuck ya

  • Clint

    Meanwhile, in Northwestern Florida…

  • GoForth


    Nice to see he bought that gourmet expensive stuff.

  • George

    What a f**ing loser

  • Allenavw

    #23 I have never seen breakfast destroyed so thoroughly. That poor bacon didn't even see it coming…

  • zoomum3

    looks truly revolting!!

  • NYboi

    American idiot


    The fuck?

  • Dayna

    What a DORK, he could have started the woods around that cat on fire.

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