His methods might be questionable but breakfast was served nevertheless (24 Photos)


  • dzine

    you can do that where I live on summer, no fire needed. Seriously.

  • tim

    i just threw up.

  • Wolfmane

    "Wow Bill, you've really outdone yourself. You can really taste the death this morning."

  • dan

    Meanwhile in America…

    • sexualniner


  • andy

    That car paint has to have lead in it….

  • faemike55

    what a waste of good bacon and eggs!

  • Meebs

    Meanwhile, in Texas…

  • copperbum

    why did this make the chive

  • Jesse Waters

    Darwin's theory of evolution in the works.

  • Mike Rotch

    Nothing like some bacon and eggs and a little Pinto blue lead paint for breakfast. Nice steaming cup of oil'n coffee should hit the spot right about now..

  • topher

    epic meal time would be turning in their graves if they witnessed this shit

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-Schexsnayder/100001178123611 Nick Schexsnayder

      not that they're dead, yet. but, epic meal FAIL!

  • fuzzybeard2016

    He could've saved himself some trouble lighting that car (Ford Pinto); a good, swift hit in the rear would've set it ablaze.

  • DRC36

    At least he was cooking in a clean disinfected culinary setting. That burning upholstery probably added a substantial bit of flavor. Maybe he could open a restaurant, The REAL Meals On Wheels.

  • jed
  • BdayUmich

    What a douchebag, that car is a classic!

  • Mr. Suave

    such a waste of good bacons and eggs. lucky the tank didnt explode

  • Exo

    Has frying pan 5 minutes away in house.
    Cooks bacon on surface with lead paint.
    Bear Gryll's brother?

  • spank McSlappy

    Well, what else did you expect do do with that car?!

    • spank mcslappy

      *to do

  • Abi Dah

    If it keeps him from reproducing, chow down..

  • Emil MD


  • mordifie

    yea…being a car painter i know that that stuff had some bad shit in it that stuff from the 70s is even worse…..i hope he dies

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