How to build a reef from scratch (28 Photos)

Various governments have been involved in the creation of artificial reefs around the world in an effort to bolster marine wildlife and additionally to bring in divers from around the world. Various sculptors have even contributed their work over the years.

  • menace

    Some of these are cool but the people are really creepy

  • Ricky

    You don't need an excuse to dump in the ocean, it happens all day everyday. This is to build a reef.

  • Allenavw

    #5 This photograph is incredibly haunting.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    lol, they actually made sea dumping into a ecologically friendly activity. i guess it all comes down to having the right papers for the job, right?

    • Tom

      Guess that's why we leave biology to the biologists, and not to internet hero's named beer monkey.,

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        now, im not saying thats not a right thing to do. coral needs a good base to grow on, and junk can be that good base. theyre just putting junk to good use, in a spectacular way

  • Whine the pooh

    yea lets be dumb and throw all kind of garbage in the ocean..

    • Harry

      We do. Isn't it nice to finally see it being used for something good?

  • Bejesus

    So thats why we're running out of scrap metal..

    • Brad

      china's demand for steel is why…

  • Anonthemous

    I think a lot of the ships now are fairly well depolluted before sunk. I remember reading about a really old French aircraft carrier hung up in the UK because of pollution concerns, since it was going to be used as a reef. One, if not both of the carrier pictures are of the USS Oriskany which is just off Florida and is a diving attraction. Maybe a ship breaking thread? That is a fascinating picture album right there

  • Ben

    #11 Is the Vandenburg off of Key West Florida. Its a new reck sitting in about 120 feet of water. Awesome dive, HIGHLY SUGGESTED

    • Clive H Rainforest

      Ben, what's that wireframed bowl-looking thing just underneath the diver on the top left?

      • Ben

        Its a Satellite receiver as far as i can remember. Its about 30-50 feet across and you can swim inside of it!

  • Bryan

    Yeah, ok, lets just throw all out trash in the ocean. Morons.

  • iinferno2010

    who needs submarines, roll tanks brah

  • Gabriel Burgi

    Great comment. Well thought out and insightful. You should go back through the other comments like yours and see how well they fared.

    Then review the UN Convention on the Laws of the Sea. You'd quickly realize that (at least in the US) one doesn't just go "dump some garbage" in the ocean. It takes a wee bit of approval.

  • Peirre

    Oh, I get it. The post is all about how they are building reefs out of old tanks/ect, for the benefit of ocean life.

    You then ask if this is a post about building a reef or not….
    And then expected intelligent responses. Interesting.

  • dub

    Nice to meet you, Confuse.

  • Peirre

    I will always hate on trolls.

    • buttchocholate

      *sigh* is Nazz being a whiny little bitch again?

      • jake

        yep and even though he has said he is done multiple times he just comes back to troll

        • buttchocholate

          oh, you don't have to tell me how it goes, i've seen pretty much the same exact scenario play out about a half-dozen times with him; he says something offensive/ridiculous/downright silly, people take exception and respond, he gets offended, people ridicule his initial statement, he says he never said what he said even though what he said is plain for all to see, etc. etc., he eventually bows out calling everyone a bunch of trolls or haters. Rinse, wash, repeat.

  • Gryls

    Its well meaning and very poorly thought out emotional responses like this that propel wondrous ideas such as mandatory use of toxic mercury light bulbs made in China for the betterment of our environment.

    • Cristi Palincas

      hahaha 😀

      To OP: apparently, they cut out pretty much anything that's actually toxic. What's left is mostly harmless. I thought that having a big chunk of metal rusting away would be a bad thing, but since these types of reefs have had a lot of success rather than making a big brown stain on the bottom of the ocean, it clearly works.

      • Steve

        "Mostly Harmless" is a very accurate account of everything on our little blue-green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

  • sdman

    Instead of recycling all that steel, we are dumping in the ocean and buying more from CHINA!! :@

  • Peirre

    I again refer you to your original post as proof you are the troll. Case closed, I'm out.

    • Lou

      "I only posted a question hoping for intelligent responses, but so far all I'm getting are the haters."

      Read your shit again. You ask if we are building a reef (wink wink) or dumping. You basically said they were dumping and not building a reef. Whats wrong with you? You are a freaking troll.

      • LAZYN8R

        You lose Nazz <wink-wink>.

        • Nazz1962

          STFU & FOAD <wink-wink>

      • Nazz1962

        Lou, it was a rhetorical question dealing with the true motives of these companies dumping salvage steel into the ocean – it was a valid question – I don't see why there is so much HATE coming from you or the other trolls who seem to think they have nothing better to do other than berate my question and prove what leading assholes you really are. Leave me the hell alone if you have nothing better to do or say.

    • LilMissTenn

      umm i've been reading these posts and i have to say sorry to u peirre but you r the troll. he only posted a comment that was a question and sure not everyone agrees with it but so what? you and the others are the trolls for being the haters, why dont u just move on?

      • Pierre

        Is this just a question too? :

        Are you an idiot, or just not smart?

        • LilMissTenn

          stfu and go away little boy

        • Peirre

          How can you ask a question between two choices, when the two choices are the same thing?

      • Lou

        And yes, I hate people that would rather not create a home for wildlife and instead fill a landfill. That is stupid IMO.

      • Nazz1962

        Thanks for the nice comment, LilMissTenn. I seriously don't know what's wrong with people. This is a site that is supposed to be about fun, etc., and it's open for comments. All I said was are we really building a reef for the environment or are we using that as an excuse to dump steel into the ocean – it's a valid question, nothing wrong with it. It's been asked before – But for some reason, these goddamned trolls and haters come out of the woodwork with nothing better to do than find fault with everything a person says. I know for a fact they wouldn't have the balls to say something to me face-to-face, so they hide behind their anonymous profiles and do what haters and trolls do. Whatever, they're of absolutely NO consequence 🙂 I have a pretty awesome life, and great wife, nice piece of land to call home, and I sure as fuck don't need them! 😉 Peace out!

        • Pierre

          All I said was are we really building a reef for the environment or are we using that as an excuse to dump steel into the ocean

          – No you didn't. its right there in front of your face what you wrote, and that's not what it says.

          it's a valid question

          – No, its a troll question, as anyone who has asked it (like you said many times) have been informed they are an idiot and an instigator. Of course building reefs is a good thing.

          they're of absolutely NO consequence

          -Obviously. No matter how many times you read it, you still have to ask the stupid troll question. You would have to read and comprehend for consequences (You learning something) to happen.

        • LAZYN8R

          OMG congrats on having a life, wife, and home. Want a high five? Also, congrats on assuming that everyone who disagrees with you would be afraid to disagree with you in person… Adding more smileys and winking faces will make you sound like less of an idiot too, so good work.

          • Nazz1962

            Wow are you all fucking 12-year olds? I'm done.

            • LAZYN8R

              Are you for sure done this time? Cuz I'm pretty sure you peaced out already..

              • Tofu_Ninja

                So far my comment is the skinniest!

                • Ball's in yer court


  • joe

    A couple thousand years from now there are going to be some archaeologists that will be confused as fuck.

  • Lou

    Move along troll

  • matt

    confusing future archeologists to the max here

  • Minha Lenha

    Robin Williams?

  • Lary

    Some people are retards, like dub; such is life.

  • everton

    Thanks man, if it wasn't for you nobody would know wtf they were talking about.

  • Lia

    Well some of that will make for dandy post-apocalyptic fireside story telling. The new Atlantis maybe?

  • V4Vendetta14

    The worst type of troll on the internet is the grammar nazi….

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