How to build a reef from scratch (28 Photos)

Various governments have been involved in the creation of artificial reefs around the world in an effort to bolster marine wildlife and additionally to bring in divers from around the world. Various sculptors have even contributed their work over the years.

  • @Osharkawy

    #26 thoughts of Bioshock immediately come to mind

  • pepe

    i don't mind the tanks being thrown in oceans, but those wagons could house a lot of people…

  • Ben2828

    creating reefs, mans way to dump waste into the ocean without guilt!

  • Chris

    1 – This is not polluting the environment, it is helping it. Do some research before posting ignorant things. I am a scuba diver with a TON of respect for the ocean and preserving it. This helps, not hurts.

    2 – As to the question on #7, I am not sure about that one, but one similar (but better) is the USS Oriskany which is the largest wreck dive in the world. It is an aircraft carrier sunk off the coast of Pensacola. VERY cool and I am looking forward to doing it soon.

  • NocturnalGecko

    heyyy.. so that's why our sea water level is rising…

    • Kayli

      You know what, I’m very much inlnceid to agree.

  • Blake

    I'm mostly interested in how small we can get this column width by trolling the troll. LOL UMAD?

    • BWGVG

      hey, leave him alone. he does right representing the chive with his official Chive muumuu.

  • baconfortress

    Hey guys i got a great idea, lets dump a whole bunch of shit in ocean and say it's good for the environment.

  • John

    #23 are the IRT 7 line "Red Bird" subway cars that plied the route from Flushing, Queens to Times Square. I took that to High School everyday. Thanks for hte memory.

  • Tofu_Ninja

    Probably boobs.

    • Tina

      You know what, I’m very much ilncnied to agree.

  • dixmac
  • sexy11
  • Dalevich

    that's gonna confuse the shit out of future historians

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