It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (30 Photos)

  • Cal

    #15 Consider it accepted.

    • llllllllllllll


      • Nathan Bowen

        by what measure? you are wrong wrong wrong.

        • llllllllllllll

          By every measure. Murray is a creepy looking old man, and if he weren't a Hollywood star back in the 80's or whenever, no one would give two shits about him.

          • Poppin Fresh

            The man is amazing and you need to die now for your blasphemy.

            • llllllllllllll

              Everyone just keeps repeating "he's awesome" "he's cool" but no one has a single reason why, except that everyone else is saying it. He's not that great of a actor, has never won an oscar, his appearances on SNL are not memorable. The only role he really played well was in Caddyshack… more than 30 years ago! He is wholly unremarkable.

              • JaBean

                Lost in Translation maybe?

                • Steve Franco

                  Or Ghostbusters – hell, even that cameo in Zombieland!

                  • Aeternus

                    Am I retarded? Perhaps, yes, but why didn't anyone mention him in Groundhog Day? I loved that one.

              • McBeastie

                Wes Anderson has made your point invalid. Also all the stories (and pics) of people running into him somewhere and saying what an awesome guy he is helps to validate the point that so many already know and that you are unwilling to accept. Bill Murray is awesome and there is no debate.

              • Haterade

                it's because he keeps showing up random places and hanging out with the common man as if he were a normal human rather than a hollywood douchetart. couple being normal with ghostbusters and you have awesome.

              • DanthraX

                "has never won an oscar" yeah, that's really important …

      • Lou

        I agree, whoever you are posting these pics of Bill Murray and saying he is awesome must not know any people who have actually contributed to making this world a better place

        • McBeastie

          Over the past nine years, the Murray Brothers Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament has helped raise over $1 million for the following charities: Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, CureDuchenne, Friends of the Families, Beacon Schools of the Virgin Islands, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Fish House Foundation, Michael A. Ceriale Memorial Foundation, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, St. Vincents Mobile Health Outreach, Guardian Catholic Schools, Neuroblastoma Kids, and Heros of Freedom.

          What have you done?

          • llllllllllllll

            You're asking Lou – average "Joe" – what he's done compared to a public figure, in terms of raising money for charities? Really?

            Murray's foundation has raised one million dollars in nine years.

            Barely-known country music singer John Rich raised half a million for charities in ONE DAY.

            So, what are you trying to prove? If anything, even among celebrities, Murray doesn't stand out, or contribute to making the world a better place, comparatively.

            • yourmomonchive


            • McBeastie

              Alright, fine. Maybe you got me there but if your go-to celebrity example is John Rich then I understand a little better your lack of good taste and I'm done.

    • STFU

      his sweaty, hairy, wrinkly nut-sack and your lips have a date.

  • iinferno2010

    #20, moar please

    #24 would make me go to church…"and in today's sermon, why Sharon broke up with James…"

  • JD Marsh

    #8….megan fox…on meth? (and kevin federline??)

    • V4Vendetta14

      How did she manage to get her eyes to point in two directions? That's a derp if I ever saw one…

      • Its-a me, Mario

        Or you know…photoshop. Considering his eyes are black dots here….I suspect foul play

      • llllllllllllll

        That's her natural look. She has to work pretty hard to keep her eyes straight most of the time.

    • Seannerz

      Dominic Monaghan. You might better know him as Merry from LoTR.

      • Do it

        Or Charlie from Lost

  • Chevy

    Bill Murray is a hack.

    • Poppin Fresh

      How dare you…

      • JCC

        Chevy Chase is Jealous

      • Phondo

        fuck bill murray. i hope he drags his sweaty, wrinkly, hairy nut-sack across your upper lip.

    • craigarlen

      Your mom is a hack

    • super nerd

      in some countries what you just said is punishable by death

    • Jimmy

      You are no longer welcome here sir, please surrender your passport.

    • zoomum3

      Them's fighting words!!!!

      • metalcool36

        Those will be your last words.. It's Murray time!!!


      I'm just going to pretend that was a Caddyshack joke.

    • Finn McCool

      FINALLY, someone else who thinks Bill Murray is a fucking overrated douchebag universally loved by frat boy ass hats who have never seen a comedy film before!!

  • man man

    #15 Bill F'in Murray FTW

    • llllllllllllll

      More like FTL.

  • the MAN

    #2 dad? is that you?

  • mattythegooch

    #3 – The term "Hot Chicks" is being thrown out there pretty loosely!

    • Shawn


    • BeccaB86

      Ditto – maybe 1 hot chick & 6 of her friends. I would've included the 2nd from the right to make it 2 hot chicks, but she seems to have misplaced her boobs.

    • Poppin Fresh

      when you have 7 chicks at once there's gonna be a couple duds but hey only a few of them even have to show their face right?

    • Mook

      They say hot chicks to throw off the douche bags. Dbags will weed out the stupid and ugly leaving the gems. I have to agree, when does putting on a dress and getting a $100 hair job make you hot? Or is it they have drinks in their hands leading to an open invitation… Any chick drunk enough to accept this playa' is hot to me…. ffs

      • llllllllllllll

        "when does putting on a dress and getting a $100 hair job make you hot?"

        You must be one of those people who just isn't that into women.

        • Haterade

          your troll styles are weak.

  • Urban

    #19 LOL. Where is he hiding his nuts?

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      On your chiiii…awww never mind

  • Kyle Cruz

    #20 mmmmm…cake

    • Grim

      To bad it's a lie.

  • Daris

    #24 Clever Clever

  • Brother Maynard

    #18 Parenting fail.

    • napamamascribe

      do you have kids? there are days that this sounds like a great idea

    • ROK247

      free hugs!

    • DaddyD

      If the python is recently fed, the kid is perfectly safe.

      • drksdr

        sadly, his parents had dropped him off with a little brother that morning…

    • Sam

      Am I the only one who recognizes the Monty Python reference in his name? You, Brother Maynard are a genius.

  • Daris

    Also, Spell check would make you not seem stupid on this one. Tough BJs just sound scary. #17

  • Oasis

    #2 Looks like this guy is getting laid, though.

    • Raymond

      This guy seems a bit too awesome to be a douchebag

  • Kod1ak

    #3 The dwarf and 7 snow whites!

  • disturbed

    #20 That Moment When…. I'm not really thinking 'cake'.

  • TOM



    • Sam

      Wrong pic, but nice try.

  • Jon

    #7 Tennessee. Looks like Elvis

  • bless1

    #20- the blank look-sexy as hell.

  • TOM



  • Um, what?

    #15 needs to be desktop size.

  • Mr_Moggle

    #20 i wish i would have been at that party 😉

  • guest

    #21 I think that should be -15c. The 15c doesnt make sense…

    • Daris

      Warm weather is a state of mind in the Great White North. Sense made.

    • Ogger

      Sure it does, 15 C feels cold in october but in April it feels like a freaking sauna….dumbass

    • Sizzle

      No, I really think whoever made the motivational is an idiot that didn't realize it was 15 Celsius rather than Fahrenheit.

    • llllllllllllll

      Must be a Canadian thing….

      • cedrik

        In October 15C feels so cold but as soon as the snow is gone we go out in T-Shirt even though it's the same temperature….

    • Finn McCool

      Ugh, Chive comments, sucking the humour out of pictures for all eternity.

  • Anon


    So true. Except it's only going 5C today.

  • Tankus

    #16 so If I'm male, but also canadian, and my GF is canadian… soooo, am I gay?


    • craigarlen

      If you have to ask, then you already know…

      • truth in lies

        no your gayadian

  • theman


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