It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (30 Photos)

  • rushgumball

    #20 FIND HERRRR!

  • mikey


    Paula did

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  • Rickety Cricket

    that makes absolutely no sense; I live in Vancouver and I only wear layers at like 5°C or lower

  • DRC36


    I count 0 hot chicks. No validity of the shirt's statement.

  • Llewelyn Moss


    Rebecka Black:" you know you don't have to do this" *shaking, tear runs down her face

    Anton Chigurh:" Heads or tails"

    Rebecca:" But.."

    Anton interupts: "HEADS OR TAILS!"


  • Ryan

    I'm pretty sure the Chive has desensitized me to normal looking women.

  • pen_lemon

    #15 thanks for make me feel better

  • V4Vendetta14
  • Matthew Molin

    Enter text right here!

  • Jawbone

    #15 I'm surprised this poor guy has survived the non-stop dick sucking this website gives him.

  • none

    Who evwr dis up #21 obviosly aint canadian if this was 15 above in april u have no shirt on n sittn on a cooler and if it was 15 above in october ud be drinkn beer shirtless in a deer stand

  • Jawbone

    #15 You poor pathetic frat boy douchemonkeys probably actually believe this.

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