theCHIVERY t-shirt design conte$t begins. Submit your designs!

chive competition theCHIVERY t shirt design conte$t begins. Submit your designs!

theCHIVERY needs your designs. Starting today, we need our artistic Chivers to submit any t-shirt design you feel is Chiveworthy to thechivery [at] gmail [dot] com. This Thursday, we’ll select the top 4 designs and the Chivers will vote on the winner.

The winner gets $250 and will have their shirt printed and featured at theCHIVERY. Also, you’ll become immortal… which is nice.

There are no rules here. Just be as creative as you can. Helpful Hint: we’re not big on featuring ‘fratty’ or ‘touristy’ tees on theCHIVERY. Be clever and creative. Most of all, have fun!

Chive on!


  • shizzle

    hilarity ensues

  • Fozzy

    Making money off of other people's creativity… Welcome to theChive.

    • dub

      Step 4: Profit!1!

      • b-ry

        yea…how about a % of all future earnings of the shirt?

    • Sid the Kid

      I guess the "original chronic" shirt isn't taking off like they had planned.

    • hmmm

      % of winnings or some people won't draw anything. You only need to sell around 15-20 shirts to recover the prize money, we all know you will sell more.

      • Michell Astudillo

        So? don´t send anything, mine is already in the mail

  • DistractedIndividual

    Fuck Yes! Can't wait to sketch some awesomeness….Hope I win! Fingers and toes crossed:)

    • Iran_Cyber_Army

      I'm looking forward to a t-shirt that signifies awesomeness and hilarity. A thumbs up for you, sir :p

  • mattythegooch

    My dad was an artist for American Greetings waaaaaaay back in the day, all I've got are stick figures in my bag o' tricks………I'm fucked.

  • b-ry

    $250? rather a flight to LA for the photo shoot….or at least a ticket to get in.

    • TCB12

      No doubt…..$250 is pretty weak when you consider how much the Chive will makie on the sale of your shirt. How bout a paid trip w/ VIP status to this year's Chive Christmas party or something!

  • twpaige

    $250 ain't bad, but can I trade the imortality for something else.. I'm already a highlander

    • ROK247

      don't lose your head!

  • Kutzi

    Eh fuck, why not. I got laid off anyway, so it's not like i don't have the time.

  • IOU


  • Lauren Gentile

    Cool beans Chive – picking just 4 might be difficult!

  • DNA

    I got a couple of ideas…..

  • Sinjin Lewis

    sub'd – hope mine gets picked!

  • Really?

    how about part of the cut for the artist?

    • The Chivery

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!! Ohhh, good one.

  • Jessica Condrey

    I'll be submitting something soon B) I am told I am pretty good at that artist crap haha

  • topher

    challenge accepted

  • bud

    balls….whoops, just gave away my idea

  • Battrry

    i'd really like to get in on this, but first of all, i'm going to be out of town and unable to upload images, and i don't have access to any digital art programs. what mediums are okay? and can we submit multiple designs?

  • JMM

    TheChive is awesome, but the level of brainwash on here is often astounding. People actually seem to be psyched about this "deal" that is bending them over and making sex to them.

  • blackeneth

    Two days? Two days? Two days to think of a concept and draw an image? Two days? Really?

    • Ken

      Better quit your day job

  • Should_work_instead

    I cannot believe this, honestly. I shall refrain from what you people call trolling but common. First, your focus shifts from Awesomeness (yes, capital) to the point where most of the posts are about women. You create a fake online identity for so called Chivers. Then, you continue to profit with an online store. And now you deem it neccessary to put the Chivers to work? 250 dollars for a shirt that will make you earn thousands (and I think I am estimating carefully). Dudes..

    • jken

      Then go away. Plenty of people like the hell out of this site.

      • hmmm

        because you are part of the brainwashed, dont you get it?

    • b-ry

      well said and i agree 100%.

  • Senor Rock

    I think you should post a lot more than four submissions. Just do a whole post on submitted ideas.

  • equalizermax

    ONLY $250!

    What a cheap site this is!…

  • bisketz

    Here's to hopeing

  • sprat

    Where are the contest results? i thought they'd be voting by Thursday

  • KeyserSoze


  • Allison Wagg

    What happened to this contest?

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