theCHIVERY t-shirt design conte$t begins. Submit your designs!

chive competition theCHIVERY t shirt design conte$t begins. Submit your designs!

theCHIVERY needs your designs. Starting today, we need our artistic Chivers to submit any t-shirt design you feel is Chiveworthy to thechivery [at] gmail [dot] com. This Thursday, we’ll select the top 4 designs and the Chivers will vote on the winner.

The winner gets $250 and will have their shirt printed and featured at theCHIVERY. Also, you’ll become immortal… which is nice.

There are no rules here. Just be as creative as you can. Helpful Hint: we’re not big on featuring ‘fratty’ or ‘touristy’ tees on theCHIVERY. Be clever and creative. Most of all, have fun!

Chive on!


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