Hot Right Now: Playboy model is pro golfer Grayson Murray’s new caddie, here are some smokin’ pics of her (17 photos)

There are three certainties in life, death, taxes and awesome dogs (23 photos)

  • Danielle

    #24 — Bella is such a cutie!! ❤

  • PaulaTaggedMeIn

    #24 most common dog name ever. It's so shitty.

    • Nelson

      what? it's perfectly attuned to the chive's overall taste: bland and shitty. like daniel tosh.

  • jjaaccc

    BRAIN: Are you thinking what I'm thinking


    totally, ill get my pug to do somethin funny and take pic lol

  • thelifeofthisgirl

    Your new mascott puppy is adorable. As a girl I can honestly say this…puppies will get you so many women. Anytime I see a little puppy, I have to stop, squeal, and pet. Can I come over and pet her?

    • Seth

      As a man, I know.

  • hate_poofty_dogs

    Lost a ton of respect for you guys. Do you need some monistat for your vaginas after buying that poofty looking excuse for a dog?

    • Red

      i don't know why everyone seems so surprised by their choice of dog. the chive staff never struck me as the "uppercut your head like a pez dispenser and shit down the stump of your neck" type of guys. actually the dog seems to suit them perfectly; totally harmless and completely unremarkable.

  • farly

    the chive staff AKA overly enthusiastic sausage fest, is gay? i never would have guessed/end sarcasm.

  • concretehero

    bella my ass. regardless of breed and size, unless owned by a woman, a dog does not get saddled with some b.s. name like bella. bullet. duke. scout. larry. these are names for dogs owned by men.

  • Lia

    I know it’s a dog, but I swear it looks like Brain from “Pinky and the Brain” on Animaniacs!

  • TRS

    YES!, personally have a wheaton terrier, one of the best dogs ever

  • bdizzle

    #11 That is how I sleep

  • tommy2X4

    #16 only awesome dog there

  • John

    #5 is not a dog. We have gone as far as possbile from the wolf.

  • Bella is Lame

    Bella? Seriously? You guys are officially a bunch of Twilight loving Richard breaths. I better not see your Twilight sparkle loving rat-dog on any pages.

  • Beth Vogel

    I would have thought that #17 would be the Chive's mascot… Not a cute fluffy terrier…?

  • Beth Vogel

    If you want a mutt go to the damn pound; Quit breeding Golden Doodles, it's not a breed.

    Tons and tons of dogs that need homes and stupid ass people are breeding mutts and selling them for exorbitant amounts of money… a dog from the pound is $50!!!

  • Il Duce

    #24 Hi Bella!! We have a new pup too!! His name is Woody!! (for obvious reasons))

  • micustheficus

    Fucking crazy, I had a wheaten terrier puppy named Bella, but we changed her name to Calie. she is adorable

  • lawliet


  • willow
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