There are three certainties in life, death, taxes and awesome dogs (23 photos)

  • Danielle

    #24 — Bella is such a cutie!! ❤

  • PaulaTaggedMeIn

    #24 most common dog name ever. It's so shitty.

    • Nelson

      what? it's perfectly attuned to the chive's overall taste: bland and shitty. like daniel tosh.

  • jjaaccc

    BRAIN: Are you thinking what I'm thinking


    totally, ill get my pug to do somethin funny and take pic lol

  • thelifeofthisgirl

    Your new mascott puppy is adorable. As a girl I can honestly say this…puppies will get you so many women. Anytime I see a little puppy, I have to stop, squeal, and pet. Can I come over and pet her?

    • Seth

      As a man, I know.

  • hate_poofty_dogs

    Lost a ton of respect for you guys. Do you need some monistat for your vaginas after buying that poofty looking excuse for a dog?

    • Red

      i don't know why everyone seems so surprised by their choice of dog. the chive staff never struck me as the "uppercut your head like a pez dispenser and shit down the stump of your neck" type of guys. actually the dog seems to suit them perfectly; totally harmless and completely unremarkable.

  • farly

    the chive staff AKA overly enthusiastic sausage fest, is gay? i never would have guessed/end sarcasm.

  • concretehero

    bella my ass. regardless of breed and size, unless owned by a woman, a dog does not get saddled with some b.s. name like bella. bullet. duke. scout. larry. these are names for dogs owned by men.

  • Lia

    I know it’s a dog, but I swear it looks like Brain from “Pinky and the Brain” on Animaniacs!

  • TRS

    YES!, personally have a wheaton terrier, one of the best dogs ever

  • bdizzle

    #11 That is how I sleep

  • tommy2X4

    #16 only awesome dog there

  • John

    #5 is not a dog. We have gone as far as possbile from the wolf.

  • Bella is Lame

    Bella? Seriously? You guys are officially a bunch of Twilight loving Richard breaths. I better not see your Twilight sparkle loving rat-dog on any pages.

  • Beth Vogel

    I would have thought that #17 would be the Chive's mascot… Not a cute fluffy terrier…?

  • Beth Vogel

    If you want a mutt go to the damn pound; Quit breeding Golden Doodles, it's not a breed.

    Tons and tons of dogs that need homes and stupid ass people are breeding mutts and selling them for exorbitant amounts of money… a dog from the pound is $50!!!

  • Il Duce

    #24 Hi Bella!! We have a new pup too!! His name is Woody!! (for obvious reasons))

  • micustheficus

    Fucking crazy, I had a wheaten terrier puppy named Bella, but we changed her name to Calie. she is adorable

  • lawliet


  • willow
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