When it comes to ‘Find Her’ we made the Dean’s List (28 Photos)

  • Sean

    #26 Cassandra or Jess. You both have the same color eyes.

    • kiss_or_kill

      Cassandra it is.

      • Sean

        You should really read what I wrote to the response below. It applys to you.

    • abla

      where did you find those names?

      • Sean

        I saw her replys to other people guessing who she is. I clicked on the picture which is linked to her IntenseDebate profile which is linked to her facebook. This is how I found her name.

        I wanted to provoke a replay so I guessed the posters name I listed her eye color to make it seem more personal. I used a second name to provoke curiosity as to who the hell Jess is, it is simply a generic name. This would give a higher chance of a response given that now she want to know who I am and how I know her. (even though it was already high considering she was actively seeking to see if people could guess who she was)

        This was all to illustrate two points, beef up her security because that shit was too easy. I literally know too much about her. For instance she smokes marijuana, lives in California and is a quasi-designer.

        However, my main point was learn to tell her to use transparency in the text tool the next time she writes a note in paint dammit. Shit is annoying.

  • mcmguy

    #14 Have you tried calling Pool Supply World? The number is 1-800-772-1467. You can also try http://www.poolsupplyworld.com.

  • Johnny Bloom

    #16 good god BEAUTIFUL

  • Gemineye

    I am good friends w #5!! 😀

    • Doolatron

      name EMMA?

      • Gemineye


        • Shane420870

          Is her name Etta??? Number 5???

  • thetech2

    #28 her name dave she works at dunkin donuts

  • NerdyGapGirl

    i have no idea what a meekakittiy is…

  • Adi

    MOAR plsss

  • Lou

    #13 is Carmen Sandiego. You’ll never find her!!!!

  • ineedtodocrunches

    Yup, I knew I had seen that somewhere before. She is Canadian too if I'm not mistaken… and perfectly dressed for 10 degrees Celsius in April 😛

  • Bazinga

    #23 is the only CMU Chippewa I would allow on WMU's campus.

  • Commander HerpNDerp

    #11 is Jaime Laycock. I am not making that up. Google search.

  • Souza True

    She's also quit blogging because of creeps like you. But way to go….no matter the age, you're still a bunch of skeevy pervs.

  • Swarley

    #3 #8

  • David

    Cassie Keller? Same girl here??? http://www.hotmiamistyles.com/Black_Form_Fitted_J

  • ken

    #8 #8 and #8

  • DRC36


    I went to highschool with her. Her name is Kelly Karloff (aka Kelly Starr).
    She was also attractive in highschool, and always had a super cool personality.

    Official FB Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Official-Kelly-

  • WirelessCable

    #4 she is a required find!
    #5 She kinda looks like youtube vlogger MeekaKitty aka Tessa

  • whaaack

    Ummm I think her name is Allison D.

  • sith

    #25 is Inéz Saenz, a mexican reporter

  • Dazza

    #6 OMG!

  • Kendall Scarberry

    #23 has a Jerri Ryan thing going on . its workin for me.

  • annoyingshampoo

    And the winner is #4.

  • JackDaniel

    Dear Chive, I am aware that you are looking to find these girls. When you do, please deliver them to my house, I will e-mail you my address.

    – Dedicated Chiver from Louisiana.

  • mikeraw

    #2 is NAAASTY… what the hey?!

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #12 #16 #27 #6….Need their own post for the love of all that is sacred!

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