Daily Afternoon Randomness (46 Photos)

  • Bob

    First bitches.

    • sheoncebelieved

      you = #22

    • billy

      I second that motion bitches !

    • lonin

      Correct…you are first among all the bitches. Now go away and let the adults comment.

    • Bob's Subconsious

      You couldn't get your GED but at least you got to say "first" on the Chive! Way to go Bob!

    • Bob

      Something so great about being nailed for the FIRST thing.

      • Tim

        so what do you do, run to all your friends like "guys! wow! look I was first to comment on a website. How many people can say that?!?!?!", or are you really that bored?

  • Rome

    Chive came early today!

    • John boy

      So did I

      • deebo


    • ROK247

      remember to take care of that beforehand so you never give her the easy one.

    • Keith

      #18 Fuck you photoshop.

    • Htisss

      That's what she said.

  • GRyde

    I find it hard to care any less about that.

    • GRyde

      Uh…bad timing mojo. I care deeply about the DAR. Care much less about being "First!"

  • Catfish_Steve


    • Tyrique

      what? What?!

      • tittytwister

        What? What? in my butt

    • Adam


    • UNEEQQ

      Yo bitch!

  • Bob

    #13 Have you ever been so hungry you ate a dog?

    • deven

      No, but I have been so hungry I ate Korean. MMMMM

      • P90

        Those Korean meatballs really are the dogs bollocks.

    • Brad

      well what do you expect when you took his chicken out of his salad! Chicken is good for you, Patty needs protein to build muscle to raise his metabolism…

    • http://www.facebook.com/cameron.fowler1 Cameron Fowler

      yep and she reciprocated

  • T.T. Tiger

    #39 Back dimples. Is there anything better?

    • Anonymous


    • Mokuseitora

      Panty free back dimples!

    • mileses

      Nope, there isn't.

    • gigi's

      MOAR back dimples a full post if possible !!!

    • Mr. No Name

      I call them swimming pools….

      • timetravlr

        i call them F-holes

        • Brother Maynard

          If you can F that you have a big problem, well not a big problem, actually much the opposite of big.

    • aosux


      • derps mchurps

        ballsack dimples

    • Brad

      I have long admired the butt-dimples. I'd rather have a girl with butt-dimples and a nice rear and modest boobies that a girl with no butt and a plethora of boobies, but that's just me…

    • patrick bateman

      cum puddles

    • lonin

      They are thumb prints.

    • Don_Aguelo

      World peace…

      …just kidding, fuck world peace
      Back Dimples FTW!

    • mike

      I called em thumb holders

    • AtomManhattan

      They are called 'dimples of Venus'. Butt dimples or back dimples just sounds idiodic. If you really loved women so much, you'd give a fuck.
      Buncha' prepudium clitoritisese…

  • Bob

    #4 Hitler baby is skeptical.

    • HollarPeenYo

      And fashionable…

  • Random

    #12 please find her

    • ROK247

      need to put a face to that epicness

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      she sent in to the chive, it shouldn't be that hard

    • thatwasfun

      definitely one of the hottest pics I have seen on here so far

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Hewett/1136641496 Dan Hewett

      very very hot!

    • HollarPeenYo

      I second that motion… CHIVE WE DEMAND MUTCH MOAR!!!

  • Oh no

    #13 Can't you guys see that Patty is starving!!!?

    • tom a

      bob barker would love patty…

      that's one way to keep pet populations under control

  • hueyrocks

    #15 – Sometimes you need good friends to talk to.

    • TIZ

      Must be the girls room…

    • llllllllllllllllllll

      I prefer to play Zelda on my phone.

    • JAFitC

      Did you notice the handicapped-assist rail to the left of the toilet? The chairs are most likely for attendants who help the resident on and off the toilet. The resident is probably wheelchair bound, judging by the open design of the room.

    • ibangahapa

      If I found this in my place of "business", I would consider it a challenge to stand on the chairs and calibrate my accuracy.

      • Beldar

        Hey, you have to wait in line somewhere.

  • deleted5333724

    #28 WTF is that shit??!

    • MadScientist

      Rhino beetle… creepy freaking thing.

    • Maynard B.

      I was gonna say "Your worst fucking nightmare", but I guess we could go with rhino beetle.

    • MacNCheesePro

      I'd take the rhino beatle over a goliath tarantula (bird eater). At least the rhino beatle eats fruit, rotting fruit and old compost without giving a shit what you're doing. As opposed to jumping on you with it's 8 long hairy legs like the face sucker in Aliens, biting you with big ass poisonous fangs and then wrapping you up for later.

    • VZLA-ftw

      i'm a fan of beetles since i studied arthropoda in high school, i've seen and touched several of them, but nothing quite like that, would be nice to see one in person and grab it

    • Rolmop

      It aint a Rhino beetle. They have (giant) horns.
      This is a Lucanus cervus, some kind of stag beetle. They have huge mandibulae.

      • Fletch

        That is correct, Rhino Beetle, order coleoptera, family scarabaeidae, genus cyphonistes, species vallatus.

  • marschie

    i love the chive…
    better frank?

  • BloodScrubber

    #15 Taking Voyeurism a tad….too far.

    PS.. Well done on the squirrel rescue Case Western. Chive on.

    • Badfish

      I believe you must have misread what she said. I believe they actually "resued" a squirrel… I guess the first lawsuit didn't go through or something.

      • Badfish

        And now I realize the OP was actually a dude.

  • Anonymous

    I am from Holland and made a trip to NYC in February. I went to Five Guys in Brooklyn and I can tell you it really, really sucked. I was disappoint #45

    • Hulk Hogan

      Bite your tongue you Dutch F*CKER!! That's just because they didn't have any mayonnaise for you to put on your french fries!

      • Anonymous

        No, that's not what I said. I did seem to be good, which is the reason why I went in there, but the meat of the burger was way too dry. Judging from the articles in newspapers which hung on the wall, it must be very good. That is why I was disappointed at that moment, I am not saying it sucks all the time.

        • MGS

          The one in Coral Springs, FL is EXCELLENT!!!!
          They give you about a pound and a half of fries with each order, which sometimes is a con… but the burger is just incredible!

          • Sabrina

            Hooray for Florida chivers! Chive on from Tampa!

            • Wherewolf

              Oh, so its a good place to eat?

              I wouldn't drink a milkshake from five guys, just sayin'..

              • fool

                its an awesome place to eat. best burger joint chain in the country.

                • Your Mom's Dog

                  Obviously you've never eaten at In-N-Out. Five Guys ain't got shit.

    • j_rizzo


    • Sizzle

      Must've been an off day. Usually 5 Guys is the absolute shit. Wonder if it's better than In And Out. I'm a lifeling East-Coaster so I've never been to In And Out.

      • Paul Howard

        In and Out Trumps all

        • Mark

          In-and-out is just a small step above McD's. It is not good at all… 5 guys has a much better burger #45

          • aosux

            There's a little place called Freddy's Streakburgers and Frozen Custards where I live and they are better than In-N-Out. Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of In-N-Out but Freddy's is just plain better.

          • Your Mom's Dog

            You're on crack. Crack from a gay crack dealer's ass crack. In-N-Out destroys 5 Guys. Besides, how gay can you get when you name your chain, "5 Guys"… "Hey bro, I ate 5 Guys for dinner…"

    • nik

      Smash burger is wayyyyy better

    • ros

      first course: snert
      second course: boerenkoolstamppot
      desert: griesmeelpudding!

    • Burger Eater

      /agree In n Out is better

    • dick joke

      any neighborhood bar that has been around for more than 5 months in brooklyn has better burgers than 5 guys. I still don't know what all the fuss is about there.

    • Paul

      the one in cerritos CA is outstanding. felllow chivers, join us this summer in SoCal

    • maxim2boobles

      another douchebag comment from a european douche

    • Cody

      What?! Five Guys is one of the best burger places anywhere!

  • snowboardstud911

    #39 Back dimples make me drool. good way to ruin a keyboard. Thanks Chive!

  • Hulk Hogan

    #45 FTW!!! MMMMM….
    #43 what movie is this from, I want moar titays!

    • Jon.

      #43 is Scarlett Johansson; not sure which movie but I'm sure some Chiver does.

      • Nug

        I think it was called match point. she was the highlight in more than just the above scene. disclaimer: i could be wrong

    • Juby

      The movie this was from is "A Love Song for Bobby Long" with ScarJo and John Travolta. It was a sucky movie (except for that tiny brief part of course!).

    • LineHog

      In my opinion "Love song" was a great movie, one of her best performances. So many female actresses are judged only for how they look on the big screen, Scarlett is talented and smoking hot, the complete package, I hope she continues to make movies like " Love Song", and not fall into making only commercialized films. Any way great GIF!!!!!

      • sigh

        I think "talented" is a bit of a stretch for Scarlett, unless you are only referring to her voluptuous rack. Her acting skills are absolutely nothing remotely above average.

  • McSgwigga

    ahhhh I see what you did there #11 #12

    • some guy

      Words out of my mouth.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Hewett/1136641496 Dan Hewett

      glad i'm not the only one who saw that… still… AWESOME

  • MoistSnuff

    #12 Thank you!! & thank Patty!!

    • Wolfpack

      Five more pounds Patty and maybe she'll treat us to the beloved hand bra!! Go Patty Go!!!!

    • dasuperfan

      i just burned the palm of my hand god dam #12 is delicious

  • deebo

    Early DAR…..is always right on time!!!!!

  • Bob

    That's awful… I hope that phone is insured.

    • timetravlr

      i think that "phone" is a comb ,just sayin

    • ros

      a floating phone. so?
      not DAR-worthy.

    • bE3f

      sombody threw the phone at her? when i catch a glimpse of something that grotesque i often act with out thinking

    • quaker

      ya upenn

  • aosux

    I thought I was never gunna get past #43

  • Ryan

    #15 might get a little awkward

    • lonin

      Not in a chick bathroom, they love that shit.

  • ely whitley

    #46 finding a dollar down the back of a chair will make your day. Stay in that position and I'll make your hole weak!

    • apple


    • Hulk Hogan

      I see what you did there… puns are funny.

      • ely whitley

        why thanks… and yes, they are.

  • apple

    #44 pull chord to start Apocalypse

    • DCBizzle

      i always thought this might be sort of an evolutionary reason as to why cats like playing with string…also i have had it with these mother fuckin snakes on this mother fuckin tree!

  • chiz niz

    #18 Who said I would in the first place?

    • hmmm

      I knew there was something strange about the first pic, she had nice muscle tone for someone with that much Body Fat %.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Still tall and has some nice curves so yes.

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