From the dangerous streets of Misrata, Libya (27 Photos)

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  • Jimmy5923

    well trained shooters.

  • Dan

    How many of these Al Qaeda/Taliban/France/UK/USA-backed idiots are dead right now?

    • Wadhah

      Well, you don't know what Taliban is, that should prove my point.

  • P90

    Helping civilians defeat an oppressive regime is awesome and noble, but for fucks sake don't arm them because give it ten years and you will probably end up having to fighting them. (As was the case for the US in Vietnam and currently in Afghanistan)

    • Jimmy5923

      The truth.

    • P90

      'having to fight them' Doh!

  • Cocrates

    #2 blindfiring

  • lol

    #10 boom head shot

  • jebosamvammater

    stupid morons

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