It’s Tuesday, you should get away (23 HQ Photos)

  • Billy Schott

    This really makes me not want to go to work tomorrow.

  • Anjin-San

    i don't find #19 so attractive..

    • copperbum

      i think thats from queenstown?

      • Adam

        I don't think it's Queenstown, maybe Franz Josef

        • rondemole

          not queenstown, and franz – josef doesn't have a bnz, would love to know though,im sure i have seen that view before!

          • SlothTamer

            Pretty sure thats a shot of Kaikoura's bumping main strip. East coast of the sth island, 3 hours north of Christchurch.

            • rondemole

              you my friend are right! and thats the adelphi lodge on the left! love that place hopefully get back there sometime!

    • Amanda

      I do! I wanna know where it is!

      • rondemole

        its Kaikoura in New Zealand and you should go! great little town!

  • Chris Scharff

    All of these are awesome, but #3 is effing amazing.

  • dash

    sure is a pretty planet we've got, in some spots at least

  • Edgar Gaspar

    Sweet mother of God. I just want to escape to all of this now.

  • Billy Schott

    #6 "That John Denver is full of shit."

  • jp34

    #9 AWESOME anyone know where it is?

    • cliffwass

      It is called Cenote Dzitnup. Cenotes are shallow caves in the Yucatan the Mayans used as wells and for sacrifices. There are many skulls under the water in these places. This one is out side Chichen Itza. I was there and got some awesome shots.

    • dzine

      There are places like that in Cancun, Mexico. Underground rivers.

    • JMER

      Scuba dove it!

  • Ben

    I would like to request that theChive start posting these in resolutions high enough to use as wallpapers.

    • Reymont

      How big are your screens? People always complain about this, but these work just fine for me. I can use them for my laptop and my big 32" screen at home – and honestly, I normally just use any old snapshot from the internet. Anything bigger than a thumbnail is 'big enough' for wallpaper.

      • Captnjack

        I'd like for them not to be blurry as hell when i wallpaperify them.. and yes, i did make that word up on the spot.

      • Nick

        my work monitor resolution is 2560 x 1600 (a dell 3007)
        my home resolution is 1680 x 1050 (a dell 20??)

        i would never use an image on my desktop that is this small, and I don't stretch to fit.

        the only reason why they don't have the images at full resolution is it conflicts with the negative space of their UI and because they don't want to host bigger images, but that's no reason why they couldn't link to bigger images. Besides, posting the images at another resolution on theChive doesn't make them the IP of theChive. They should be showing references.

    • mackeya

      Pro-tip: Click the image. It'll open in a separate, single image post. Click again to view at full resolution. Or, right-click -> open image in a new tab to achieve similar effect.

      80% of all images posted here are higher res than they appear.

  • Erik

    #10 I see regularly. Love the place, but tell ya what, not friendly for people afraid of heights.

    • Avery

      Where is it?

      • Miso Hungry

        Hokkaido, Japan..I think

      • Nickincollege

        This is definitely Crater Lake in Oregon. Go there if you can, it's worth it.

  • Rob

    wish i could go to all of them, is # 12 stiltsville in miami?

    • kris

      yes it is

  • Rob

    oops i meant #7

  • theHoss

    #10 Crater Lake in Oregon, breathtaking in person…

  • houtini
  • JohnQ

    #14 looks like it's not even from this planet! really awesome

    • BAMFinater

      I think that is the Great Salt Lake

    • FireCapt

      Mono Lake California.

      • timetravlr

        mono lake

    • DumbAssDave

      Ill pass on da lake mono, human mono is bad enough

      -im home schooled!-

  • mrjimmyos

    Wow, thanks Chive 😀
    Still not high res images though 😦

  • JohnnyDoGood

    I wish I could retire at #7, I only have….48 more years left until I retire at 70.

  • orly?

    #17 is yoda national park?

    • jon e

      uyuni salt flats in bolivia

  • orly?

    #15 just looks like someoe neext to 711 taking a nice sunset picture in some dirty city lol no thanks.

    • northerner

      It's a shot of a beautiful sky that takes 90% of the pic area. So, what's the beef? Great colors and sunbeams. I have no problem with it.

  • Salsa

    #17 Omg, yoda-cloud 🙂

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #6 #9 #15 #20 cool specular lighting, always liked that effect.

  • BAMFinater

    #22 the Angle Oak in Charleston SC

    • SKEWED

      Perfect Distance out of DT Charleston. Just enough time to get in the RIGHT state of mind and enjoy nature! Amazing sight irl.

    • BOOM BOOM Cannon

      Def. from Ernest Scared Stupid Movie

    • timetravlr

      definitely, was there as a kid still remember

    • huh?

      Reminds me of the Keebler elf tree.

  • mojo2975

    Nice pics, more reasons why i need to take a vacation soon.

  • FireCapt

    #6 is a view I see daily in NW Florida Panhandle

  • iinferno2010

    if I had to get exiled

    #9 I choose you!


  • i.glove

    Thank you Chive for making this morning a little more fucking awesome!

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