Motocross Girl reveals herself (5 Photos)

In last Friday's 'Sexy Chivers Among Us', the photo above of a girl in an off road helmet caught your eye. One Chiver exclaimed, 'Remove Thine Helmet!'. It took some convincing but she agreed.

Meet Cassandra, one of our awesome Chivettes. She's got a wicked sense of humor and has apologized for not getting photos of herself mud wrestling a midget, though she's working on that. It goes without saying that Cassandra loves the outdoors, she races bikes with the big boys, and she loves a good laugh. She's also told me to tell the Chivers thanks for their kind comments the first time around. Enjoy...

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  • marley

    I love sexy tomboys. dunno why, i just do #4

    • thegrinningcrow

      The scraped knees?

    • Urban

      Me too.

    • Country Boy

      It's probably because they aren't afraid to go out and do all the fun shit and not worry about breaking a nail or getting dirty but can stil be just plain sexy.

    • nom nom

      I'm currently putting on my mighty purple helmet!

      • b-ry

        it's cause your gay and you secretly love men.

        • Nom Nom

          b-ry, I am sorry for the confusion but when I speak of my purple helmet I am talking about the top of my majestic erection (implying that this woman has made my penis erect.) Your argument is now invalid!

          • GK-4

            no, we got it the first time,
            you're still an ass

          • b-ry

            i was responding to the original comment made by marley…not yours. my bad.

            • GK-4

              It only takes one wrong click

    • Lenin Glass

      There was a research on this before. It had to do something with over production of hormones or lack of testosterone. Not meaning gay just chemical imbalance.

    • Biggus Diccus

      She looks like she shaves so thats a πŸ˜‰ for me

  • forlay

    #5 Kiss or Kill?

    • davis

      I noticed there is no option to 'Marry'

      • bbb

        why would you want to do that?

        • Badfish

          Because its cheaper that hiring a cook, maid and laundry service?

          • Badfish

            And paying them all to have sex with you?

          • IronEagle119

            You have much to learn!

    • DaddyD

      Maybe the movie?

    • Farley

      paper bags it.

  • n1ghtstalker

    I'm seeing Stars!!!
    When you wish upon a star…. makes no difference who you are….

  • Jason

    She has a sweet smile but something tells me she would have me working….choking…and feelin it the next day

  • davis

    #2 that is a helluva gap. It helps for … riding

    • HANK

      I'd love to bridge that gap

      • yunofun?

        ahh i see what you did there

  • red

    wicked GAP! #2

  • theeemightybuck

    fucking hot regardless!
    chive on

  • Jason

    tush please.

    • sunburnt0

      I second this motion.

  • Urban

    #4 Love the tats. Sexy

    • GK-4

      Red-head: βœ“
      Tattoos: βœ“
      Tomboy: βœ“
      Nice Smile: βœ“
      Gap: βœ“
      Chiver: βœ“βœ“βœ“

  • daemon

    #3 What a pretty girl! Just that simple. πŸ™‚

  • SinisteRtheWickeD

    #4 Humina-Humina-Humina-Humina…..

  • Oasis

    #5 Beautiful eyes!

  • Call You Out

    Soft blur filter = not so hot IRL

    • sveilien

      Yeah, little too much 'shop, I suspect foul play.

    • n1ghtstalker

      Low resolution fox!

  • Michael E. Wheat

    you're actractive πŸ™‚

    • benbobbins

      You're also attractive.

    • Tofu_Ninja

      You're probably simple

  • bless1

    #2-how bout a shot of that gap from the back friday.

  • disturbed

    #2 Dream Girl!

  • Ouboet

    It's a shame. Photos of herself mud wrestling a midget would've really complimented this gallery.

  • asshole

    Your chunky

    • Mr_Rob

      Learn how to write first, asshole…

      • asshole

        She isn't chunky just wanted to get some comments from people who have nothing better to do, thus the use of bad grammar. Calm down dill weeds!

        • Mr_Rob

          Is still funny how you auto-asign a name to yourself, and then, when called by it, you get upset. Keep on that Irene, Me and Miself…

    • BeccaB86

      "You're" an asshole… self admitted.

    • XAV

      Hey asshole, everybody is built differently and everybody has different tastes, I happen to like proportionally built beauties like this moto-cross hottie. You're being a chauvinist (people who put women down because they feel insecure about their manhood).


      you are a asshole

      • negatice Nick

        YA YOUR SUCH AN ASSHOLE. Probably better looking then you are.

        • Erik von Markovik


      • Heinrich of the SS

        aaaaaand here comes the AKC(ass kissing cavalry) to the rescue.

        • jared

          LOL! I love how you''ve also given the loyal* brigade of thousands an acronym as well!

          *loyal if the girl has no guy in the accompanying photos or is devoid of additional work (boob job, nose job, lots of make-up)

    • Pwndu232

      "You're" a stupid, cocksucking, motherfucking, fudgepacking, dickloving, asshole. Who wouldn't know true beauty if it walked up to you and slapped you.

      • Honeybear

        WOW! – Pwndu232 sensitive bitch aren't we? A bit of advice- get off your stained computer chair and go out and see the world! And while you're at it let's discuss your attempt at fixing anothers grammer – yours should've read: "You're" a stupid, cocksucking, motherfucking, fudgepacking, dickloving, asshole, who wouldn't know true beauty if it walked up to you and slapped you."

        Comma's are a delightful way to make a childish rant into ONE sentence and not TWO you silly pillowbiter!

        • lidalida

          And while you're at it, let's discuss your attempt at fixing another's grammar. Yours should have read… and so on.
          Honey, the whole "grammar-nazi attacking a wannabe grammar-nazi act" HAS to be done spot-free, or you will get the same treatment.

    • bfcknrzl

      Don't feed the troll

    • hahahhaha

      eh, she's not really chunky as much as she is unattractive. i see much better looking girls on a daily basis.

    • anon


      everyone above this line got trolled. seriously, it's incredible how much of a newfags are you.

  • Bob

    #5…I guess if I have to choose, ummmmmm, okay, I'll kiss you. You're not hideous or anything.

  • bettingonthecubs

    great eyes

  • ALT

    didn't know what to expect but everything went quite better than expected

  • Slevin

    "doesn't need to show some skin to be hot"
    then shows skin……..make up your damn mind
    show us the goods or GTFO

    • Oasis

      She said doesn't always… fckin read.

    • Jordan

      how about you gtfo.

      • Bill Murray

        how about you suck my lactating nipple? how 'bout that?

        • Pwndu232

          He might enjoy that too much.

  • Tean_Zu

    #4 Those blue eyes are stealing my soul. You can ride anytime, no helmet required πŸ™‚

  • Rahm Emmanuel

    That is no gap she is arching her hips…it's all tru, but go ahead and hate on me…

    • Jordan


    • elbruces

      That's a gap, whether she's arching her hips or not.

  • Mr_Rob

    Don't like photoshop. So, let me keep my skepticism (the Cosplay cow girl from yesterday tought me to)

    • none

      …me too…

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