Motocross Girl reveals herself (5 Photos)

In last Friday's 'Sexy Chivers Among Us', the photo above of a girl in an off road helmet caught your eye. One Chiver exclaimed, 'Remove Thine Helmet!'. It took some convincing but she agreed.

Meet Cassandra, one of our awesome Chivettes. She's got a wicked sense of humor and has apologized for not getting photos of herself mud wrestling a midget, though she's working on that. It goes without saying that Cassandra loves the outdoors, she races bikes with the big boys, and she loves a good laugh. She's also told me to tell the Chivers thanks for their kind comments the first time around. Enjoy...

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  • winie_0

    Wow you are hot without the helmet too ❤

  • Nazz1962

    #6 Hott! Thanks for sharing, Cassandra! 😉

  • Beano

    Holy cow! Nice tats too

  • taylor

    I just threw up in my mouth. Put the helmet back on please

  • kiss_or_kill

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments, I'm glad you like 🙂

    And for all the haters…well, keep hating. I'm not perfect but I don't really care much what you think.

    Chive on!

    • oughtnot

      Uh, really? You don't care much what they think? You post pictures of yourself on the internet (apparently) seeking approval and validation of your appearance. If you didn't care you wouldn't post pictures of yourself… ya, haters gonna hate ROFLMFAO

  • jojo bean

    take of the jacket

    • jojo bean

      and wrap it around your face. no one needs to see that thing.

  • Chim Richels

    Yep, chicks who don't care what people think often put pictures of themselves pulling down their little shorts to within one inch over their cooter. On the interwebz.

    Every chick that says 'I don't care what you think', does. A lot.

    Your hips look a bit off – not a lot of waist definition – which means you'll be a fatty after kids, but for right now, you are very bangable in a kind of Rumer Willis tongue tickled Amanda Bynes kinda way.

    • The Dude

      gotta say this is probably the most worthwhile comment on any of these chivette posts i've ever read. a perfect example of "don't care what people think". awesome.

    • oughtnot

      I agree. She does care …

  • Naughtygrog

    I'm pretty sure she'd kick my ass. I'm also pretty sure it'd be worth it.

    • Red

      wow. you must be a real pussy….

  • Panduhhh

    I saw this last week with y buddy and I said ” there’s no way that’s not a fat chick” well…. Hahaha

  • BigTimbo

    Can't believe only person noticed the soft focus on her face. Means she looks like a horse when you see her IRL. Thanks, one other random dude.

  • Derk3103

    Simply Awesome (y)

  • Brother Maynard

    Cute girl. I suggest a hump pic.

  • george takei

    Put helmet back on asap!!!

  • Guesty

    I don't know, I think she is pretty hot.. Bet she is fun in all aspects of her life….

  • Ryan

    I may be wrong, but I think these pictures have a lot of Photoshop.

    • kiss_or_kill

      Not really to be honest. Yeah, a little soft focus but so what?

      • Ryan

        Ok, but in my fantasies, I preferred with the helmet. The secret was the sex appeal.

        • Reeves

          funny. in my dream the sex appeal was not seeing her face.

  • Big Werm

    no kind of hips or curves what so ever. She's alright, wouldn't kick her outta bed but she is not hot.

  • Bob

    #3 = yes

    crap tattoo = no

  • V4Vendetta14

    A natural, pretty girl that likes to play in the dirt… What more can you ask for?

    • chuckfoo

      damn i'm sick of seeing comments like this : "a natural/real girl that's[insert complimentary platitude here]. (and always ALWAYS ends with…) what more could you ask for?"


  • LouDog13

    She was sexier with the helmet on..

  • Shiyan


  • scottlj79

    Seems like people are being a little harsh. I think she is hot and would love to spend quality time with those tats…

    • tron

      seems like you're being a little too complimentary. i think she needs to put the helmet back on…

      • Oasis

        Seems like we have some little children visiting this site. Does your mommy know?

        • tron

          heheh, that's a good one. i'll have to remember it when i'm climbing off of yours.

      • Rahm Emanuel

        You will have to move out of your mom's house first there buddy…

  • TheTruth

    No Thanks.

  • Cpt. Curtis

    I want the midget mud wrestling pics… Sounds hot.!

    • Cpt. Curtis

      I would kiss her and kill a midget.

  • Bob


    A little lower

  • Steve

    Put the helmet back on!

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