Motocross Girl reveals herself (5 Photos)

In last Friday's 'Sexy Chivers Among Us', the photo above of a girl in an off road helmet caught your eye. One Chiver exclaimed, 'Remove Thine Helmet!'. It took some convincing but she agreed.

Meet Cassandra, one of our awesome Chivettes. She's got a wicked sense of humor and has apologized for not getting photos of herself mud wrestling a midget, though she's working on that. It goes without saying that Cassandra loves the outdoors, she races bikes with the big boys, and she loves a good laugh. She's also told me to tell the Chivers thanks for their kind comments the first time around. Enjoy...

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  • Wayne


  • pj23h

    Urban is spot on. Thank you for posting your pictures here Cassandra!

    • Backpacks Got Jets

      Urban…trolling around pictures of your friend that got a post on theChive and trying to defend her is admirable, but, annoying and obvious.

      Eat poop,

      • Urban

        FAIL dude. I don't even know her. Just stating the obvious.

  • Shockwave

    She's hot. I'd hit it #5. And you're right: do not have to show skin to be hot, but it helps. 😀

  • sunburnt0

    Lets face it. For starters she is cute (#5), knows how to do the suttle lip bite (#4 points for mastering that), and she's probably got more balls than most dudes for getting around in the dirt (#1).

    Any dude that's hating on her is probably mad because the only thing they have in common with her is that their genetalia is the same distance from the ground.

    • toast

      coming from the guy thinking about other mens' genitals.

  • fsudude

    Being a tomboy and sexy as hell… dream girl

  • Mr. D

    Very Sexy Beautiful.

  • jmiker

    The Bonsai are hot! (she's kinda cute too! 😀 )

  • Nazz1962

    #2 yeah, you won't need that helmet to ride … MY helmet ;)~

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      uggggghh, you nasty ugly motherfucker…..

  • Bill

    beautiful younng woman I just dont get the tats

  • Dave

    Love the gap

  • Cedric Schlosser

    Thank you, Motocross Girl !!

  • Jisper

    Rawr! 125cc in Cali?

  • Craig

    Nicely done!

  • Mcity71

    Ignore the haters! Their sitting home alone. Your Rockin’ and a biker 2. Thanks for sharing!

  • Beast7818

    Took off ur helmet and were the best of the bunch.

  • guest

    she looks better with the helmet on

  • 'berto

    Wow. Very nice pics.

  • TinoBino

    Poster wasn't correcting his spelling sweetcheeks

    • Mmm_Ciao

      Regardless, if you're going to correct someone when it comes to poor spelling or grammar it would be more effective if your own post was error free. Also, commas doesn't need an apostrophe either.

      • turnedon

        You have nice tits.

        How's that for grammar?

        • Mmm_Ciao

          Well, it's a complete sentence so good job.

  • JKrack


  • asquareD

    that is one sexy vag gap !! O.O

  • AbedNadir

    Good enough for a poke.

  • Andrew

    She should have kept the helmet on…

  • elbruces

    The Chivers find this offering acceptable. We are most pleased.

  • rob

    whats with all the star tattoos on chicks crotch area? that shit looks retarded

  • Brad

    'she races bikes with the big boys'….. How about having a bike bigger than a tt-r 125 in the background then? moar pics!

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