Motocross Girl reveals herself (5 Photos)

In last Friday's 'Sexy Chivers Among Us', the photo above of a girl in an off road helmet caught your eye. One Chiver exclaimed, 'Remove Thine Helmet!'. It took some convincing but she agreed.

Meet Cassandra, one of our awesome Chivettes. She's got a wicked sense of humor and has apologized for not getting photos of herself mud wrestling a midget, though she's working on that. It goes without saying that Cassandra loves the outdoors, she races bikes with the big boys, and she loves a good laugh. She's also told me to tell the Chivers thanks for their kind comments the first time around. Enjoy...

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  • scizz

    ew she gross

  • Herm23

    #4 Very hot, no need to be shy at all.

  • SlimtwigMJ

    #5 Thank goodness for Chivettes!

  • Michel Payette

    #5 I think it's the same idiot who keeps making the same stupid negative comments…and changing his name each time. Bet he's butt fucking ugly too.

    BTW, you're hot. Thanks for the pics 😉

  • lol

    i chose kiss lol

  • C..........

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck no!! Kill it with fire!

  • bob

    not hot. moon face.

  • disappointed chive

    she's a 5 at best…next

  • bunedoggle

    Chive, these look photoshopped but she doesn't need any photoshop. Bring here in for a chivette photoshoot and prove me right.

  • Michael

    I want to be your bike 🙂



  • sexy11
  • scotsman88

    Yep, you're still hot, helmet or not. Love the eyes, especially in #5.

  • bill

    twinkle,twinkle little to lick you right where you are.yummy,yummy

  • Mandella


  • yunofun?

    so much for not having to show skin to be sexy…

  • Toastercart

    Tush or GTFO!

  • Gump

    You gotta love the tats! Keep it up girl!!!!!

  • Heavy Metal Cowboy

    #5 you can call me anytime

  • Always Last


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