A few clever advertisements that caught my eye (30 Photos)

  • Random

    #3 …. time to go buy wife a wonderbra ………..

    • Stevo

      or do like the model in the ad, and pay for some surgery.

  • lutjiano

    #29 Going to end up there anyways XD

    • lol


    • Roscoe

      It's all about timing and the quality of the journey, I suppose.

    • http://TheChive.com Drewcifer

      Life is a sexually transmitted disease, that's ALWAYS fatal…. no one survives Life….

    • Zmnrr

      I think this one is poor taste. That's Omaha Beach Cemetery. Those guys died in WWII, not from smoking…

      • GrantOJ

        i couldn't agree with you more. the ad is callous, not clever.

  • Catence

    #22 is pretty awesome. If only those fish knew what they were swimming in front of..

    • COCO

      I totally understand. Those fish will be murder for human pleasure to eat. Go vegan and do not murder sweet animals for food.

      • douche

        not quite pleasure. its called sustenance. And what about sweet plants? just because they cant scream doesnt mean they dont have feelings, right? Just get closer to the food cycle and you'll be ok. dont waste and eat meat in good conscience.

      • Jimmy5923

        and murder plants for human pleasure!?!? NO THANKS! We need those things to breathe!

      • b-ry

        nothing beats a good piece of red meat, fish, chicken etc….regardless of how it ends up on my plate.

        • Snoob3

          You can beat your meat, you can beat your wife, but you can't beat a good blowjob.

  • aewyfk

    Happy 420 chivers & chivetts!!!!!!

  • COCO

    Some funny, but the rest are stupid. Do these companies think that I am stupid enough to buy their products. Never in a million years. That is why I always make my own stuff out of all natural raw material.

    • zdrake13


    • Jimmy5923

      how did you make the computer you're using to post retarded comments?

    • Brutal Deluxe

      I always make my own stuff and then burn the rest of the natural raw materials. I hate the environment SO MUCH!

    • Joe

      Time to drink my own piss!

  • lol

    What is all? What does that even mean in this context?

  • COCO

    Looks like the glass have cracks. I think it needs to be fix.

  • Snoob

    Alternate versions for #20:

    "You are about to get taken from behind"

    "Look behind you"

    "It's only rape if you don't want to"

    • young clean bastard

      they all suck

      • Yomamasuck

        So does your mom, but I'm not comlaining.

        • shaka

          only if she takes her teeth out…..

  • douche

    this offends me, will you remove this as well?

    • Jimmy5923

      you really that mad about thechive removing a post?

      • douche

        its the ideals and principles laid out by my fellow chivers. dont sell out and have a sense of humour.

        • douche

          and I dont consider advertising selling out since its part of the business cycle

    • Bookshelf

      No, they won't, because it doesn't offend Americans or Christians in any way.

      • DaddyD

        I'm an American and a Christian and this posts offends me.

        The Jesus post on the other hand … I sent to my minister and I'm pissed that he didn't get to see it. He would have been ROFL (and he's in his 70s).

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    #3 – Ahhhh, Wonderbra………….blatent false advertising since the early 90's!! ( the tittys inside, not the actual bra. )

  • shoestring30

    #29 That is kind of belittling to use Arlington for a non-smoking ad.

    • jay

      arlington does not use crosses. probably a WWII cemetery.

  • Rob


    • kswets

      This kinda pissed me off… You be against the war, but don't be against the troops

    • sheoncebelieved

      is completely wrong

    • Dan

      not to fond of this one

  • sadbuttrue

    Most of these are what's known as "scam" in advertising circles. That means agencies made them purely for the sake of entering them into award shows, and the majority never actually ran. If they did run, it was for 10 minutes so the photographer could get some shots.
    The notable exceptions here are BBC and The Economist. The rest is probably shit that came out of Singapore – the home of fake everything. Including the people who made them.

    • Floor

      So…. not a fan of Singapore then?

  • Sizzle

    #2 #11 #7 #15 STFU you stupid hippies

  • Vagina Jones

    Awww, thats sad, what happened there.

    • lllllllllllllllllll

      Cutting losses before his rating starts to drop.

  • Snoob2

    you do realize the bra is meant to be worn so there is less stress on the back for women? I'm sure you already knew that though

    • Big E

      otherwise they will get lower back problems in the future

      • Snoob2

        haha, exactly

    • reme

      I thought the bra was meant to keep your tits from reaching your waistline when you're 60…

  • Sizzle

    Please tell me YOU are trolling, Country Boy.

    Vegetarians don't eat meat. They'll eat other animal products like cheese and eggs.
    Vegans don't eat any animal products. No meat, gelatin, dairy, etc. This includes fish.

    Pescatarians are "vegetarians" who eat fish/seafood.

    I guess you're the one who's just plain stupid.

  • COCO

    What is up with men obsession with boobs. They were made to feed the babies and not for other reasons.

    • Logs

      BLASPHEMY!!! Bite your tongue feminist.

    • shaka

      sounds like you have a horrible rack that nobody wants to see….

    • osp

      why do people like asses?

  • 123Roasthim

    #29 is really poor taste

  • Some Guy

    Yeah they should have given the website credit that put this gallery together. I don't think they even changed the order.

    • really now?

      Oh no, not here.. they will pull from anything, which is great when its out of context, and not link back to the source. They will, however, put the lil' chive logo in the corner of the picture once they acquire it.

  • b-ry

    it is funny…but it's also saying walk in front of a train so we can make money off your death.

    • Sizzle

      Yes but *most* people are intelligent enough to realize they are joking, and don't actually want you to step in front of the train.

      ….Most people.

  • Gooner29

    I'm not sure what vegans claim to be in "the country", but most vegans I know don't eat fish.

  • Bob

    I don’t get it!!!!!!

  • MoistSnuff

    #3 Not glass cutters, glass shatterers!!

  • COCO

    Oh Thank you. I personally think that I do not deserve the award. I believe Paula should get it.

    • shaka

      personally I wish you weren't a liar

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