Arab female censorship is photoshop amateur hour (20 Photos)

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  • Khaqan Javaid

    The most odd thing about arab countries & their rulers is that on the street they will try to enforce their law but within u guys will be surprised to find what u wont even imagine. My personal experience as having been the guest of a king of an arab country, I what I saw left me o.0 I guess thats the best way to saying it. Lol! There r harems, yes they exist. The finest liquor flowed from fountains along with babes in scanty? Infact everything bared served it! Thats a bit of it though. Yes everything goes on in the arab states/countries but on the outside they want to show themselves as being pure. I just don't get it. By the way I'm a muslim but, Not a fanatic & have been Chiving since as long as i can remember. I guess different people different beliefs even though the same religion.

  • PissedoffArab

    Stop stereotyping ARABS FOR FUCKS SAKE.

    2 countries out of ALL THE MIDDLE EAST do this shit, Saudi Arabia and maybe Iran. What about the rest of the 19 Arab Countries?

    • Moe

      fucking exactly , CHIVE whats wrong with you ? in the end maybe , everyone has racism inside of him . but also should respect people which obviously the chive didnt !

  • skylarr (thatgirl)

    what wrong with showing off your tits?!?!

  • Klara-fi

    I Fear the day when groups can take away our freedom to dress how we do now in order to for us ( as so they would try) into thinkin as they do. Hrm…. that doesnt sound far off from thought policing. I have lesbian friends who like to see a little skin, visit the strippers etc… so its not just a guys toy scenerio in north america. its skin, we are born with it… get over it🙂

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