Arab female censorship is photoshop amateur hour (20 Photos)

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  • EastSidePaul

    Sorry but did you delete the Jesus post? you've got to be fucking kidding right?? So now that you've deleted one of your posts due to, i can only guess, pressure from the religious side, where does it stop? Will you delete any post that someone finds offensive? Could you please at least explain why the post was removed? If because it was in "Bad taste" you're gonna find yourselves with all sorts of problems.

  • Bruce

    Dune Coons hate skin.

  • Pedobear

    that's been posted on thechive a million times before. was that it?

  • Marc

    I want this Jesus guy jokes back!!!

  • DumbAssDave

    Well I am pretty sure Jesus wouldnt mind a good joke…..even if it was about his pet dragon. I have one too!

    -Im Home schoolded

  • MoistSnuff

    Well I won't debate on here. Sorry for going political on the Chive!! SORRY CHIVERS!!!

  • force kin

    imagine trying to knock one out as a teen living there

  • patov40

    "A little people. A silly people." Lawrence of Arabia had it right.

  • 4SOC20saint

    and yet they still buy our stuff and help fund our evil ways…score one point for the infidels

  • andaj

    Mocking brown foreigners and their curious customs, good; mocking jesus-freaks, bad.

  • Bob

    #12…What the fuck is wrong with her ankles??

  • top dog

    #10, Thats funny….Hehehehe!

  • Igor Duckman

    And how is this any different from what the censors are doing on any given US TV channel? The arbitrary lines are just drawn elsewhere, lest the Christers should be "offended". Welcome to Saudi America.

  • andrew

    you r right
    but these people have thick head

  • minorityofthemajority

    #7 if you're worried that people will get turned on by scooby doo, you have bigger problems

  • aru

    GOD BLESS MERICA for all the porn one can watch

  • rick

    "you still had slaves when it was founded" So did a lot of countries. America is not the only place that it existed. And the country _was_ founded on freedom, it just wasn't 'complete' or 'perfect.' Still isn't. Will always be a work in progress. Just sayin'. Now back to the hooties.

  • Bob

    Wow what a repressed bunch of people. Bet all the guys there secretly go on the Chive to see sexy ladies.

    • test

      the chive is way overrated

  • dub

    Smokin' that cronic, baby!

  • Dude

    And why do we think that Islam treats women with respect?

  • Micah Cox

    Onward to bio-diesel fuel!

  • Climb

    I have family who lived in Saudi Arabia. Apparently they did this will all the covers of romance novels too.

  • disappointed

    I am really disappointed at the chivers , I thought they were cool, but it turns out that they are a bunch of stupid racist (well not all of them).

  • petergriffin

    When a UN charity donated to poor arab kids thousands of soccer balls with all the countries of the world on them, the arab gov'ts cut out the state of Israel rendering all the soccer balls useless.

  • The World

    That post has been censored and is gone… hence the discussion. Way to join ten hours too late.

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