Director of "Restrepo" has lost his life in Libya

Tim Hetherington was on the frontline with the soldiers when they came under attack in a Taliban ambush during “Operation Rock Avalanche”. The attack resulted in the death of three soldiers.

The judges described The Other War as “extraordinary”. One said: “I haven’t seen US soldiers portrayed so clearly as vulnerable human beings. The piece completely changes your view of them.”

I’m going to do a post on his work for tomorrow. Thank you Tim Hetherington for showing the world the reality of war.

  • Jimmy5923

    that's terrible he did really good work. R.I.P.

  • Sean

    The man was a one of a kind reporter/historian. God speed Tim.

  • Dutchie

    why does it say he lost his life in libya isent rock avalance in afganistan ?

    • Jimmy5923

      he was well known for filming Restrepo which took place in Afghanistan, which he filmed an operation named Rock Avalanche and 3 soldiers lost their lives in it and one received the medal of honor.

  • Slim

    Rock Avalanche was in Afghanistan but that that was when he was filming Restrepo, he was in Misrata most recently when he was killed by an RPG earlier today. God speed, and rest in peace.

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