• iinferno2010

    I'll take 3

    • That Guy

      put your cursor on second 7 and keep clicking.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    and BOOM goes the dynamite! 3 seconds later

    • zero00430


  • Smirnoff

    Scandinavian laugher is awesome.

    • fijiwood

      and so is American spelling lol

      • Wilson

        Where in his comment does he say he's an American? Btw, have you ever heard of a fallacy? Because you just came up with one.

        • dune

          yeah, but you failed to come up with a reason for anyone else to care. go bitch somewhere else.

      • Smirnoff

        Sorry I copied Patty's words ^^' Didn't notice the mispell until then. English isn't my mother language btw.

    • Henrik

      It's danish laughter. Dansih people are stupid people.

  • Anon

    ah heh heh heh heh
    eh heh heh heh
    ah hehheh heh

  • the fapist


  • BostonFitty13

    Hey Chive. There are so many animated ads on your page now that the video takes a year to load. Until then I enjoy the 3 frames I get with the choppy audio. Great job ya sellouts!

    • Wavien

      Sellouts? They're trying to run a business you douche. If you don't like it, piss off or install adblock. It's not that hard…

    • saltygary

      Download Firefox 4 and install the plugin "ad-block plus". Problem=Solved

    • mrbrixon

      really? maybe get something better than a hamster and wheel setup…3 frames? dont blame chive for your piss poor setup…

      • Justin Hall

        The older theChive becomes, the more pages it creates. The more pages it creates, the more bandwidth it has to host and more visitors it receives. The more pages and visitors means more money required to support it.

        And the more money required means more dumb bitching when they put up an ad. These particular ads are unobtrusive; nothing like Dead Space. So STFU.

    • Um, what?

      Stop yer bitchin and get something other then dial up, and then update your box to a machine running two cores and at least 4 gig of ram. Then download firefox or chrome.

    • ArrestingTerry


    • foshizzle

      what are u guys arguing about? just upgrade your internet connection. im not having troubles at all loading this page.

  • Bobby

    I would like my 48 seconds back, plus interest

  • Jesus Enzo

    holy fucken ahhhaahihuehuehuehuehue. (inaudible) hoihoihoiheieheowhei

  • @jamieluvstea

    haha he's wearing a toupee.

  • Wavien

    I can confirm that this is pretty much how most Scandinavians might laugh…

  • Pete Ribaudo

    Hey due to the holiday can we get hot girls w green buds or sumthin?

  • gyro


  • Yucky

    What the fuck did that thing shot? Looked like a wheelbarrow tire. lol

  • Rasmus

    I'm Scandinavian, and I can't identify this as any local language. Can anyone help?

  • scan

    Ok .. Thats not scandinavian … thats german. maybe its all the same to you americans .. but its like saying america and canada is the same 🙂

    • HuubaHuub

      its not german, its dutch ( im dutch)

  • scan

    Ok . can be from belgium or holland to .

    • HuubaHuub

      10 points to you 😛 its from holland

  • one nut

    Give a gift, make it a gif!


    Actually I think I’m hearing Dutch with an eastern accent. This is calcium carbide shooting. A tradition round new years.

  • Hannah

    so what were they saying, besides all of the laughter?

  • Bob

    Where is the Jesus post Chive?, never forget!

  • That Guy

    gif that sucker. you can hear her lives being taken off his life.

  • Gerwin

    These are dutch guys and this event is is called 'carbiet schieten'. Too bad they often say dutch is german or scandinavian (sounds completely different).

    More info:

  • shaunvw


  • chaz

    meanwhile in scandinavia

  • black-ops bartender

    sorry guys but its not scandinavia but the province Drente in the Netherlands

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