• Micah Cox

    could've cut the last 30 seconds…

  • V4Vendetta14

    Too bad that guy couldn't hear the laughter…or anything else for the rest of the week…

  • Dionicio Orozco

    all those hardy laughs…ITS PRICELESS!

  • scandinavian? Nah...

    Not any scandinavian language that I can identify, althoug it sounds a lot like Norwegian. I would also suggest Dutch, as norwegian and dutch can sound very similar ( I should know, I'm Norwegian and have studied in Holland).

  • PokePoke

    At the start I thought it was dutch, but im dutch and I cant make out anything they are saying.. Specially in the end sounds alot more german / scandinavian then dutch to me. Its definately not dutch they are speaking. Tho what they are DOING is typical dutch, from the Drenthe Area (where Im from).

  • Koelkastmagneet

    It is Dutch. Probably a dialect from somewhere around the German border. Could be Twente/Achterhoek or Groningen as well, besides Drenthe. At the end a couple of words in German, rest is Dutch, though with a lot of dialect mixed in.

  • BigDUK

    Best laughs ever.

  • MrSkyline

    Carbied schieten is a tradition by mostly dutch farmers for celebrating new year, you take an empty milk can, put carbid in it and a bit of water, that creates a flamable gass, you put the lit on and wait for a minute to let the gass build up, then you light it with a torch at a small hole at the back of the can.
    They also do this with way bigger cans and tubes, like thisone:

    They don't shoot anything, they just blow the lit off

  • Jenn

    That’s going to make thngis a lot easier from here on out.

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