Go ahead, play with your food (26 Photos)

  • zach

    *heartburn used flamethrower*
    *It's a one-hit KO!*

  • Tim Hennessy

    #12 is a voodoo donut from Portland,Ore

    • Ray

      Maple and bacon – heaven on a doughnut.

  • The Milkman

    I'd drink #2's bathwater.

    • uhhhhh

      that's a dude….

  • NJF

    #7 and #22
    These were the best imo.

  • shaunvw

    #32 SPEECHLESS….and also kinda hungry

  • yanetosaurus

    New and improved jello shots? I think so.

  • http://magazinesubhub.com Magazinesubhub

    What kind of cake is it, or is it just all m&m's?

  • bud

    that looks soooo good! thatd be awesome if they grew naturally with jello

  • kodakkid

    food post on 420 kinda cruel chive kind a cruel

  • Toots McGee

    Now these are some munchies!! Happy 420 Chivers!
    #16 #31 #32

  • northerner

    That's probably meant to be just what it looks like, a very decadent, delicious candy bowl. Two of my fav candies, M&Ms and KitKat all in one diabetic tsunami…sad!

  • northerner

    #16, my kinda candy bowl! Awesome!

  • Whubbsie

    #19 fuck off jesus let me eat my pizza in peace!

  • Latch

    #12 = really good.

  • Red

    you know you just admitted to wanting to fuck a man(or chick who is formerly a man), right?

  • theHoss

    Gotta Love that Bacon Maple Bar from VooDoo in #12 the place is like none i have ever seen…

  • Avi

    #3 Surprise butt sex

  • Chris

    Took me a minute but #5 is a pokemon ball!

  • Josh

    #21 I love how it's winking, like it's saying I know what you're really gonna use me for.

  • Katerina Zoi Kepenekou

    damn. the page had not refreshed to c jason.
    lovely about the post. give me a break.
    did it while working at promo 😛

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