The life's work of fallen war photographer Tim Hetherington (45 photos)

Tim Hetherington lost his life yesterday while covering the battle in Libya. He was the director of the war documentary "Restrepo". Hetherington was embedded with the Army unit in Afghanistan when Army Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta put his life on the line to save his comrades. Giunta later became the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor since Vietnam.

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  • Steve

    many people talk about doing big things in life, this guy did it

    • Garrett

      all the men in these pictures did and are doing it

      • Roy

        oil assassins

        • Jon

          Yup, we're rakin' in that oil there. That's why it's so cheap these days.

        • Logan

          No oil in Afganistan fuck nut.

  • DaBa

    First! Take my "winning" pill and cry!

    • Picard_

      /facepalm….learn to learn you twit

    • bob

      any other post but this man, have some heart


    Much respect for these guys. And if you haven't seen #36 it's a very good movie.

    • BunkerPunk

      Agreed, Restrepo is great documentary. Respect and gratitude for our men and women in the military.

  • DRC36

    So much respect for these bad ass mother fuckers.

  • the reece

    as an Afghanistan vet i am proud to see these pics online 12B

    • Rick

      thank you

    • dasuperfan

      thank you

  • fabio

    Massimo rispetto.

  • Tee-Boz

    "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." Thank you.

  • Liudas

    This guy who took all these photos just died in Libya..

    • lolnonomous

      obvious troll is obvious

      • Toorstain

        He's no troll, read the text on the top of the article.

  • armyabn

    This is why we here in the U.S. have it made. God bless the mighty warrior.

  • tsukushi_

    A great man. Restrepo was really moving, too. #36

  • man293

    stupid war, stupid american soldiers. the militarism is really the biggest FAIL of my honorable chive.

    • mongoose

      It may be a stupid war, but to disrespect those that serve is an indictment of your colossal failure at life.
      Do everyone else here a favor and remove yourself from this site, you asshat.

    • Your Face

      you're a cock bag

    • theederv

      You fucking ignorant cunt. Heroes have died for your freedom….fucking armchair faggot troll


      F U you must be from Canada or France the people we always have to bail out because they're afraid to fight.

      • Dan

        Don't bag on France. They are still one of our biggest allies. And they have guys on the ground in Libya.
        Canada has guys on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan, BTW/

      • Pete

        So you think a stereotype about France in the 1940s is still relevant today? Not that it ever was, of course. Sure, they're not quite as "vocal" as the US, or even UK for that matter, but they're a big player and always have been. They'll stand up for themselves when they disagree with their allies, and more than willing to put their folks on the ground.

        So, in short, STFU.

    • Laurie

      "man"293 – If you don't like it, feel free to leave. And by leave, I mean thechive (they deserve better than you), and America. I'm sure you and your holier than thou judgmental attitude will fit right in over in Afghanistan.

    • Seabee86

      Go choke on it brother. Were out there every day busting our asses so you can enjoy your miserable life. If you don’t like it move to Canada and give up on life. Try and join a branch, go over an see some shit, and then come back and give me your half assed report then. Dirtbag.

  • BulletproofMonk

    So why exactly are we in iraq and afghanistan?
    why are we fighting so called wars? (which they're not, they're conflicts that have been extended over and over) Congress must declare war for the u.s. to be in one. they have not. these wars are illegal. we're the aggressors.

    I respect our soldiers, and they're "just doing their job" but thats the same reason that the armies of all tyrants have used to commit atrocities.

    we spend 1 billion a day there. "rebuilding" their countries while ours falls apart.

    • MattFoley

      and people thumb you down… I guess truth hurts

    • Dan

      OIL. Same as the time I was there in 1990.

      Note how France and Great Britain are basically taking over Libya for the same reason.

    • lolnonomous

      The United States is fighting in Afghanistan with the goal of dismantling/removing the Al-Qaeda terrorist group which was responsible for the attacks that took place on September 11. The United States is occupied Iraq in order to remove weapons of mass destruction, end Saddam Hussein's support for terrorism, and free the Iraqy people. As for the legality of such actions, the constitution gives the government the right to have a military and wage war so the wars are perfectly legal. Those are the facts.

      Here is the opinion, we were right to enter Afghanistan and eliminate the terrorist threat to our country. I question the wisdom of entering Iraq because of the seemingly poor intel about WMDs though Saddam was not a very nice guy. As for why we are still there, it's our responsibility to help rebuild the infrastructure of any country that we successfully invade. Additionally I have immense respect for our members of our military.

      • joe

        well said lolnonomous!

      • 187maker

        The Al-Qaeda where made up by the CIA look it up dum shit!

      • MattFoley

        There are only 50 Al-Qaedas in Afghanistan. Why are you still there?

  • tommy2X4

    "You asked for it, you got it! Toyota!"

  • Justin

    Most these pictures are from Restrepo. Watch the movie it is great and shows what the boys are really going through.
    Fight On!

  • Matador

    I served in the Marine Corps and have nothing but respect. Great post!

  • mojo2975

    Ive seen Restrepo, it was a great documentery. I have nothing but the utmost respect for your fighting men and women. I have had and have family members serving in the military and thank god for there safety.

  • Toby

    Couldn't put it any better Jason – respect and honour the men and women even if you disagree with the political reasons behind the conflict.

  • jonnops

    #14 #19 are intense. Much love from The CANADIAN FORCES – Infantry

  • Chris

    Regardless of why we are in the wars that we are in, I thank the men and women serving us daily. If you don't like the war take it up with the government, not the people who fight and die for their country.

  • mitch


  • Osiris

    Amen to our our brave men and women in the the US military….they can never take their fun hoorah

  • 187maker

    Relay cool Pictures Go America fuck yer !but your forgot the one where the 1million+ innocent civilian men women and children where killed by American forces in Iraq alone now that's relay bad ass killing millions of innocent people what hero's!

    • Adam

      I'll respond to your sarcasm with a simplem FUCK YOU

      • 187maker

        wow amazing come back what are you 12?

  • paratesties

    Restrepo=awesome. God speed to this vet and godbless to all that are still fighting for our country

  • @Jaredsward

    Rest in Peace Tim and all the soldiers who have lost their lives for our freedom. Thank you.

  • Ed the Head

    I'm sitting here in Kandahar province with a shitload of Canadian forces soldiers who are fighting right along side my brothers from the 1/4. Can the people who are ragging on the trolls please stop saying shit like "move to Canada" and "you're probably from Canada." I'm a red-blooded American widowmaker and believe me, I'd feel right at home with our northern neighbors anytime after what I've seen them do here.

    • Logan

      We would put the beer on ice and the meat on the grill for any US veteran that comes to visit.

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