Costumes: Some people take themselves way too seriously (37 Photos)

  • Brian

    Camel-toe Man? #20

  • Jake

    How does one get to this point in their life…

    Also, #31 looks like a lumpy dick. haha

  • The_Skid

    so much loss of dignity in all of this.

  • Luin

    I just want to say… This little list bothers me. It is taking people who work very hard and spend time making a fantastic and detailed costume and lumps them in with those who throw together a terrible costume that is not flattering in the least. It's unfair. If you were to spend so much of your time working hard on a product only to have it condemned by some random person by comparing it to people who make said craft look like an utter joke… Would you really be all that pleased?

    Everyone has a hobby — maybe some people think compiling pictures of costumes and listing them out in a negative fashion implies you have too much time on your hands or even that you are taking yourself too seriously. It kind of seems to be that way… You, as the author of this little list obviously think of yourself as better than these people because of their hobby. Maybe you should reassess that belief.

    The artist is better than the critic.

  • Costumes: Some people take themselves way too seriously

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