• mojo2975

    Epic, its about time. i hate people who drive like that. left lane is for passing and faster drivers, right lane for slow. know your roll people.

  • plasticcandy

    That's definitely NJ

  • Dan

    I love how cops love to enforce the traffic laws on everyone except themselves. Tailgating is dangerous, you say? Watch this. Stop light? Not with these flashing lights on my hood. Speed limits? Those are more like guidelines. The only awesome part about this video is the fact that he switched his lights on to move the guy out of the passing lane and then went on on his way having made his point. The reckless tailgating could have made the ending of the video much less humorous.

    • 123

      The WRECKLESS asshole preventing anyone from passing in the left lane trumps the professional driver cop from tailgating. If someone is tailgating you, you're probably driving too slow and should move out of the way. If you want to make a statement by not moving out of the way, suffer the consequences.

      • Dan

        I'd question whether that was the dumbest thing you've ever said, but the sad thing is that I highly doubt it is.

        Tailgating is a dumbass way to let someone know you want to pass them. That's all this cop wanted to do. Should the guy have been in the other lane if he wasn't going to be going faster than everyone else there, yeah, probably. But he at the very least was keeping pace with the flow of traffic, which is what everyone does when there is a cop around. This cop decides he's got somewhere else he needs to be, possibly a donut shop or a speed trap, and rides the guys ass to get him to move? It's reckless, whether he's had training or not. Training will only marginally improve your reflexes if something happens that requires that driver to hit his brakes.

  • Rated r

    bahahaha this is so Super Troopers!

  • Anonymous

    smart cop. that prude was in the fast lane, just make him go to the slow lane and problem solved.

  • stickee

    That's how things are done in Jersey. Fist pump!

  • who knew

    Always watch these with the sound off so no stupid comments.
    I don't think the cop pulled them over because it looks like there is no shoulder to pull off on.

  • I died

    Fuck da police, no justice, no peace!

  • Stephen Smilko

    Respect to the LEO.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.larkin Nathan Larkin

    that cop deserves a medal.

  • Slevin

    He deserves a metal!!!

  • jonnops


  • paddy28

    So let me get this straight: If I am a cop, I can tailgate cars obeying the law; then I can pretend to pull them over by putting on my lights; and after finishing that I can speed off into the distance? Aren't those acts illegal for the res of us? Well I am sure there was some important donut heist in progress.

    • Brad

      yeah but what if he was responding to a call where somebody's life was in danger? how else are you supposed to let a dumbass driver going 55 in the left lane know that he/she should get over?

    • 123

      Nope, you have none of it "straight". Let me help. If you're breaking the law by pacing other cars in the passing lane on Interstate, it is a police officers duty to correct your behavior. If the cop wants to make a point, he can pull you over and give you a $250 ticket. If he's in a good mood that day, he can just flash his lights at you until your head pops out of your ass.

    • Ken

      If you are cruising in the left lane you WILL have someone riding your ass. It is a form of communication, roughly translated, "move the fuck over."

      There is an entire highway etiquette out there that actually helps keep traffic moving smoothly for everyone. For the ignorant, the rules of the left lane are simple, your job is to either be keeping up with the car in front of you or passing cars on the right in a timely fashion. If you aren't doing either of those things, you are in the wrong lane and the driver in the wrong.

      • Jay Hernandez

        I just hate people who get in the carpool lane going 65-70 while the regular lanes are crusing past you.

  • Andrew

    ' okay now zoom that bitch out now'

    I'm surprised they could concentrate that long being so high.

  • Brad

    license plates are yellow, so probably NJ…

  • BAKA

    That driver is either asian, a women, old person, or all the above

    • Jay Hernandez

      I'm going with D for d-bags.

  • JonaThan

    hate the guy's voice.. nice video tho.. smart cop xD

  • galm666

    The less feminine voice out of the two is like sandpaper to my ears. It's like a special ed student with a speech impediment trying very hard to sound as cool as possible and it's not working at all.

  • Rich

    definitely filmed in NJ, mostly likely on 287, Southbound between rte 80 and 78.

  • Flowerman

    they should arrest the jerkoff screaming in the background. FAIL

  • V4Vendetta14

    I don't know which was more annoying, the cackling pothead narrator or the camera operator with Parkinson's?

  • mrbrixon

    This was filmed in NJ on Route 80 in Rockaway. Typically it is the PA drivers that dont understand stay the fuck out of the left lane if you are doing anything less than 70. I drive that route everyday to and from work, and it boggles my mind how slow people drive in the left lane…like dont people want to get home?

    • Ken

      My impression is that the passing lane appeals to inexperienced highway drivers because of all the "elbow room" over there. They either have no idea what they are doing or they are completely inconsiderate.

      It reminds of the people who try to board an elevator or bus before they allow people to get off first. WTF is up with that, are they that stupid or intentionally being assholes?

  • schango

    The fact that he didn't even pull him over makes it more humiliating.

  • 123

    No problem, shitty movie man

  • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

    Hell yeah, get outta the passin lane bitch!

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