• Mike

    It's NJ. The law in NJ is to keep right except to pass. The Trooper could have issued a ticket. I know someone who was issued a ticket for the same offense. That driver got off without a ticket

  • Reality

    Yep, all the young, I'm entitled to do what ever I want, cop haters are going to love this one. But if you can put that aside and notice that the car was going faster then the one filming it, and others around it. And like has been mentioned before, the cop was tailgating that car, without it's lights on. And also the car couldn't pull to the right because there was another car in that lane, he would have had to speed up or risk being rear ended by the cop if he slowed down. Also did anyone notice that after the cop got him into the right lane, he jetted across 3 lanes without signalling? A perfect example of how people only see what they want to see.

    • Ken

      The appropriate action by the driver would have been to put on his right turn signal to indicate his intention to get over to the right at the first opportunity.

      There is a whole "body language" thing going on between drivers on the highway. The cop was using a pretty typical form of communication (taligating) to get the driver in front of him to get out of the passing lane. All the driver had to do was acknowledge that he saw the cop and intended to get over.

      For drivers that get their panties in a wad over being tailgated, that is completely within their own control by staying out of the passing lane. The driver in front is always in control of the situation. If someone is riding my ass, I get out of their way. It is the quickest and easiest way to end the situation. Screw who is right or wrong, just cooperate.

    • 123

      I'm not that young anymore. People who just cruise in the left lane still annoy the hell out of me. I don't know what a sense of entitlement has to do with it (other than you incorrectly justifying wagging your crooked old finger at those "whipersnappers" on the chive forums). Also, if you were a cop hater, wouldn't you hate a cop telling someone to move over? Did you even run one of these thoughts through your head before you started typing?

      I'm not sure you understand the whole citizen/cop relationship. See, cops are the enforcers of the law. As a result, when they are enforcing the law, sometimes they have to take extreme measures like speeding or crossing multiple lanes without a signal. They drive for a living and have had training for these types of maneuvers. As a result, when a cop is chasing down a speeding asshole, the police officer is not subject to a speeding ticket afterwards as they were enforcing the law during said infraction(s).

  • mtpuckhead
  • Jason

    That guy's voice is Fcking annoying

  • Coldzilla

    That voice ranks in the top 10 as most annoying internet voices…….. wow

  • Chitty Fartner

    Thanks 123, Reality bites and I think is also pretty stupid, you did a nice job letting him know.

  • dick joke

    english mother fu6ker!!
    they don't speak it


    dude got owned!

  • Jessica

    Jeeze, learn how to hold a camera still.

  • sexy11
  • asdf

    The video was pretty funny but I fucking hate it when cops ride your ass.

  • pablo_v

    looks like my good old native jersey, my favorite thing to do with tailgaters is give them a good amount of wiper fluid. just hold down my wiper fluid for 3 to 5 seconds, they back off real fast

  • speeder
  • x17

    Please if you film something, hold the camera still.

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