Fit girls: Some I love and some… I’m scared (10 Photos)

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  • Swarley

    #7 #1 #11 #15

  • nin

    #3 #5 #8 #9 #20

    Wow. Goodness. WOW.

  • Doo Doo Meister

    #3 and #31 Zomg!

  • Dante

    most of them, like #21 #28 are out of this world…amazing bodies…

  • DuncanIdaho33

    #10 is just stunningly beautiful – wow. Find her…please? #5 is pretty special too, the boots are hot!

  • HankT

    #2 #3 and #19 are RIDICULOUSLY hot…

  • EasternCanuck

    me likey

  • Harre Downey

    #1- hot #8- hot #12- has and amazing smile! I'm not afraid of a fit girl!

  • Mark

    #8 and #16 – I'll take them please!! Who is #16? Please tell me she is a Chivette!

  • Turdsandwich

    Anyone have a name for #1 ?

    • eat balls, internet!

      jodie motherfreakin' minear. SUPER hot. look for her older stuff, she's kind of over the top muscley now. but BEWBS!

  • Anonymous

    All suppa hot but 29 and 30

  • Spencer

    #3 is incredible!

    • H.Manback

      I think I just fell in love with her…

    • Keith

      Can we get more of her?

  • gina

    #12 is definitely find her worthy 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Dude #26… it is a dream come true…. Please find her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bertie_16

    Most of these girls seem pretty fit/strong, but the majority couldn't seem to fight off being beaten with an ugly stick.

    • Keith

      Ur a wimp to be chicken of such beautiful hot women.

      • Brian

        Think you missed the point Keith

  • b_ryan

    #8 and #11 …. wow

  • moar

    #12 classic picture, lovely smile #16 is hot and #21 is very very hot

  • Beldar

    What gym does #13 go to? I definitely need to switch.

    • Nick

      Marzia Prince

  • Jesse

    I need to find a woman like this who wants me for my brains and not my body.

  • Brandon

    For all guys wondering:
    #10 – tabitha klausen
    #13 – marzia prince

    Both of them are IFBB Bikini Pros

    • Glenn_Coco

      Thank you good sir. I was wondering about #10

  • lemonjuice

    find #2 NOW

    • Livewire

      Aubrie Richeson – enjoy

  • mmmaxmmm

    See what most people don't understand about these women is that most of them are body builders and most of these pictures were probably taken right after a workout and during their cutting phase where they eat less, and try and lose any and all fat – what happens then is they get these bulging muscles and ripped abs. However, during the other 350 days of the year, they are smooth and soft and perfect, don't look like men with girly faces, and if you saw them on the beach with a suit on you would pee yourself. #14 is a good example of what I mean when the picture is of them in their cutting phase – #24 is a good example of when they aren't on their cutting phase and look like the by-product of Jesus and Mila Kunis.

    • Xtal

      Thank you for that! I'm a girl and I lift heavy weights 5 times a week, however I don't look like these girls. Cutting is incredibly difficult and it takes a lot of mind over matter! A hefty percentage of these pictures are definitely girls who have reduced their body fat to about 10% or less, but if you were to see them when they are at their normal bf %, they would probably be around a 15 and perfect. Most of the guys on this thread need to stop drooling over all the twigs on this website and realize that strong is the new skinny.

      • Brad

        most women I know don't lift weights because they are intimidated and/or they think they are going to get huge and super muscular very quickly…

    • Brad

      I don't care if the girl is ripped or smooth, I don't like the women with wide shoulders and big arms, not feminine, they have the upside down triangle shaped body shape like men are supposed to have….

      • Xtal

        I think a V-shaped back is incredibly sexy.

  • Photoshop Gauntlet

    On behalf of guys, "we're guys". We would all bang these chicks. Even the scary looking ones that look like they could probably kick Charles Bronson's ass with Chuck Norris' skull. But in terms of attraction, I think most guys want something softer. Something that feels more like a medium rare steak, not well done.

    This is my challenge to all you photoshoppers….

    Yesterday there was a post of some chick in a slinky cow outfit. Turns out the chick was photoshopped to transform her into a babe. Why not get these pics above and shop the muscles off them and make them appear just slender, and not buff. Then the chivers could vote on who they prefer: the slender shopped version or the unshopped She-Hulk version.

    • Nick

      Dude, are you intimidated by these chicks? Maybe all the women that look at you would like that pig stow of a face photoshopped off you and abs photoshopped on. I know this because I'm a personal trainer and me who think like this are obviously horribly out of shape or don't work out. These women work very hard and you'd fall over yourself if you saw them in person. Man up.

      • Photoshop Gauntlet

        Should I also "feel the burn" and should I also, in order to "gain", endure some "pain"? Should I "blast" my deltoids, too?

        Look, if you want to generalize, I can easily call you a "meathead" or a "dumb jock". Not fair, insulting and childish. It has nothing to do with "manning up". I'm not scared or intimidated. I'm simply taking about preference. Would one prefer something that is softer or chiseled. To me, when I think of women I think of gentility, softness, kindness. Not buff and burly. No prob. These girls are attractive. Just saying that I would like to see who men would prefer, the super buff chick or the soft delicate chick.

        I'll take Christina Hendricks over any of these chicks any day and Hendricks is not ripped. She's a woman.

        • mark

          Hendricks, even compared to a "normal" girl, is fat…

  • Michael

    I'd be happy to disappoint any of these women.

  • Brain

    #13 all day
    #7 I would like to ride on my dingy
    #21 yum yum yum
    #11 would love to lick the sand out of her crevices
    #1 hot

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