Motivational Posters feel like a new pair of socks (25 photos)

  • Brother Maynard

    #12 I have an Iphone, but the Droid does get the better fan art.

    • FattyLover

      I am not sure if I should thumb you down for having an iPhone, or thumb you up for acknowledging the superiority of Android users.

    • NosyParker

      Don't use an iPhone if you care even the slightest bit about your privacy. See here:

      • TrollFaceKillah

        Iphone users are fucktards, however… so are you, NP

      • Wilson

        Any phone with GSM does the same shit. Stop being naive.

        • Noobson

          No, they don't, actually. Stop being ignorant. Apple is a company with shady intentions and less than noble buisness practices. It's about damn time they were investigated for spying on their own customers.

          • brick

            Google is an advertising company. You really think they aren't shady?

    • name

      who the fuck makes fan art for a PHONE?

      • Alouette

        When will we have a Droid app???

      • vaughn

        who the fuck BITCHES about fan art for a phone?

    • bdon

      Why is the apple bleeding?

  • BSS

    Love these.

  • disturbed

    #5 Consider me motivated!

    • ROK247


      • Sooper Truper


  • Jenny

    I ❤ The Chive!

    • Hi, I'm Over Here

      The Chive loves you too, Jenny. At night, when you're asleep, with binoculars, from across the street.

    • Guesty

      Really, this gets a thumbs up… if anything, no thumbs at all, but 4 up and counting….
      The Chive is the greatest thing since the unification of the Germany's!!!! WOOO!!! *collects 43 thumbs up….

      • its_forge

        Does the East have any decent beer?

  • Hombre

    #20 I wish the sun wasn't the only thing going down on me!!!

    • BAMFinater

      I think my head just split down the middle too.

    • Ryan

      Well said, Sir.

  • Charles

    #18 yet another reason to hate America

    • Beth Vogel

      "Hate the deed, not the breed."

      We're not all fat and stupid.

    • Henrik

      She's not kidnap resistant, you can just lure her with candy.

    • DaddyD

      Might be 'Merica. Might not. I can't see any distinguishing signs. Could just as easily be Germany or Ireland or UK.

    • We Owned You Limeys

      Charles is still bitter about the whole Boston Tea Party thing.

      • P90

        A small part of the British fleet thousands of miles away from their commanders or any reinforcements were eventually overrun by not only the American colonists but a large contingent of the Spanish and French armies, they weren't owned in anyway possible.
        Plus when the war was 'won', the declaration of independence hadn't yet been signed, so you were still British, therefore we beat ourselves, hah!.

      • its_forge

        The Tea Party wasn't meant to piss off Britain, it was meant to piss off the East India Company.

        • Ken

          Unfortunately sir you are incorrect in this one – wikipedia it.

    • Pete O'Fyle

      Find her!!!!!!

    • Stanji

      Haters gonna hate

  • 0Bianka0

    #10 I just don't see it…

    • Nazz1962

      At first I was like, "i don't see it!" … but then I was like, "fuuuuuuck!"

      • 0Bianka0

        So i guess the point is… there's nothing to see?

        • Nazz1962

          lol, no the word FUCK is written on the fish ..

        • disturbed

          No – the hint is… "Fuuuuuck".

        • dr. pepper for life

          it says "fuck" on the fish, retard

          • NoTrolls

            easy man, no need to be rude – thumbs down for you!

            • dub

              Caveat* (To ladies)

              Being a dick to anyone else is ok here.

          • HD_1981

            dude this is the chive…. no need for that shit… we all are family here……

            • Ken


              • HD_1981

                I've been called that a few times…….. Never by a guy tho……..

          • LaloPeen

            LMAO…. I was going to say the same thing

      • musetv

        i don't see it either… anyone? 😦

    • Anon

      "F U C K"

    • Southbound

      look at the letters on the fish

      • 0Bianka0

        Thanks guys!:)

    • oh.yes

      fuck… i don't either.

    • The_BOFH

      When you see it, you'll laugh. Then loath the douche who keeps making shit brix jokes…

    • malphabet

      Look at the stripes. They spell something.

    • Mike

      its an extremely rare fish found only in the souther pacific but if you look closely you will see that the coral in the background is obviously from the north pacific. Don't worry it took me a while at first too but when I realised I was like Fuuuuuuuuuuuk.

    • Aeternus

      Anyone else think the left end of the fish was the head and ate another fish?

  • Jason

    #10 dont see it!

    • Dave Gal

      Don't make us spell it out for you. Oh wait someone did.

    • Hannah

      it says fuck on the fish.

    • AZbtchs

      look at the design of the fish.

  • Reed

    #10 – Best "When you see it" ever!

    • Nazz1962

      You must be right – it sure stumped a few Chivers for sure! I'm betting right now there are bricks hitting the ground all over the planet!

  • Nazz1962

    #8 Oh yeah, line forms behind me, guys!

    • SkyVader

      That's Burning Man, not the beach though. Just saying.

      • Jen

        is there vodka in that lemonade? I would suck on those titties if there is!

    • echogeo

      Margeritas is my guess. Warm & cheesy margeritas after she's been in the sun for a while. o.0

      • Slappy

        salted with sweat

    • Hater_Aid

      #8 The milk's gone sour 😦

    • Say what?

      That's what she said…

    • dfs

      Empty? No problem

  • b-ry

    #1 never ends good

  • Wyatt

    i think the message is loud and clear

    • dub

      clear? Well.. yellow-translucent maybe.

    • Waters

      And the message is "There are not enough public toilets with clean stalls and soft toilet paper."

  • C.R.

    # 5 has got to be the hottest image EVER caught on film…..MOAR…..FIND HER

    • shaka

      #5 you noob………

    • its_forge

      Stop putting spaces after the pound sign people!!!! Jeez!!!

      • BloodScrubber

        So that would make it a …Picture Pounder…. 😉

        I think even Freud would have Fap'd to that.

  • mojo2975

    #5 Truly, A picture says a thousand words.

    • Waters

      To me it whispers softly, only one three-letter word…. "fap."

      • its_forge

        For me it's "nom."

  • McSgwigga

    #5 – Perfection

  • jjj

    #10 Omg a copper band buttlerfly fish

    • Randy Marsh


  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #23 monty python reference FTW! although originally it was a bunny, but the cleavage makes it all ok!
    cheers, beers!

  • CNB

    Who is #20. MOAR!!!

    • newscot

      Jordan Carver, and before you go searching too much, she doesn't pose nude.

      • newscot

        though she does get pretty close…

        • SlimtwigMJ

          Dude, thanks! I've been tryin to figure out who this model was.

  • Jack

    #2 – She is, I`ll bet he is dead by now.

  • Poppin Fresh

    #2 –> at this point, they both are.

    #5 –> what caption? huh?

  • bill

    my girlfriend was high school valedictorian…. I wish she went to this girl's school.

  • FattyLover

    Not enough time, I spent the allotted five seconds visualizing myself fondling her boobs.


  • Pete Ribaudo

    Hey chivers got a ?…how do you get the rating next to your name?

    • dub

      Thumbs. If your comments get thumbed down a lot, then you get a red rating.

      If your comments get thumbed up, then you get a green rating.

  • aaa

    #23 classic

  • Alisya Hon

    #10 fuck!

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