Motivational Posters feel like a new pair of socks (25 photos)

  • Bunda

    If you see Kay

    #10 When you see it

  • its_forge

    "Death awaits you!! With a vicious yellow beak!!!"

  • P90

    It was a joke soppycods, hence the 'hah!'

    • Ken

      hahaha – soppycods.

  • Tim

    # 25 I would have thought the Valedictorian would have at least been in the kitchen

  • Maynard B.

    #25- Very sexy, that is all.

  • todd

    #25, and rightfully so…

  • alan

    #10 is surely shopped

  • sexy11
  • Ryan Moscrop

    The douche in number 7 is Kyle Loza….Sad as it is to say that kid has 2 xgames gold medals…….hes still a homo though

  • dev

    that's great especially since i didnt see it at first

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  • Holland

    #8 That's not the beach you idiot.

  • @LMFAOvids
  • Eman

    I believe #20 is Jordan Carver.

  • USLethal

    #24 So if a guy pisses on you when you're wearing normal clothes it's perfectly understandable. But, if you happen to be in uniform when you beat his ass, well that's just brutality…

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