So your camera ended up in the Lost n Found (37 photos)

  • cHoLk

    #27 kari sweet!

    • echogeo

      Very sweet ass, that's for certain.

    • 99Dug

      This is my favorite one.

    • Professor Booty

      Oh Kari, how many potential children of mine have died at the site of your sweet, sweet body!

  • Urban

    Chive. In honor of Easter, we need a Playboy Bunny post. Oh yeah, these are some bodacious tatas.

    • Pat Mcgroin

      Nothing says "Sorry about that whole crucifixion thing at least you're not really dead" like Playboy Bunnys!

    • Bert

      How's "I'd Give Her a Second Coming" for a title?

  • Stafferty

    #3 Black Bar, My oldest nemisis.

    • RichXTC

      looked for almost 10 min waiting for the bar to flash…. grrr not cool Chive! 🙂

      • wowww

        you have no life sir

        • Ben E. Dict


      • WirelessCable

        1. you have no life
        2. just right click on the picture, open in new tab (link below for example)

        if it says .gif, wait for the animation to load… patiently
        if it says .jpg you will be staring at a photo for 10 minutes

    • sully23

      You got us on this one Chive. Well played sirs!

      • b-ry

        i'm going cross eyed waiting for the bar to remove. anyone have a link for the original?

        • somebody

          you're welcome.

          • KRS One

            shit man, nice. thanks!

          • Netoward

            Man, I love you.

          • echogeo

            Damn you, Sonic Wall…

            • Daris

              Me too!!!! Ejecting computer monitor from office window now.

          • chiveon

            You're my favourite person of the day!

          • dasuperfan

            you sir truly are a scholar and a gentleman

          • its me

            you are my hero

    • todd

      FIND HER!

      • Stuart Sloan

        It's Lacey Banghard , google her till your eyes fall out your face

        • Lalo Teijeiro

          The question is, is she loyal to her last name?

        • cheeky

          I love who you know this Stuart and your picture has two kids in it…I LOL'd

    • Paula_

      Plenty nudes of her here:

      – the one who's never gonna give up

      • benneh

        BAAAARRRHHHHGGGGGGG Rolled again. I thought we were done with that.

        • Paula_

          Everything old will become fashionable again at some point. I'm simply ahead of my time.

          – coming to you straight from the Twilight Zone

      • jason in pc


      • ( . ) ( . )

        fuckin paula!!!!

      • AAWW Yeah

        How did anyone not see this coming, especially with her end: "the one who's NEVER GONNA GIVE UP."

        C'mon people. Paula never does anything good. You should know that by now.

      • dasuperfan

        actually paula i must say well played i LOLed at your little prank

      • Nathan

        Is it wrong that Im becoming a paula fan?

    • llano2

      Check properties and see that it is a JPG file.

    • lbcoach34

      Gee Zus!!!

    • murray

      wow i love what i see

    • James


    • Geekoid

      Holy barbecued Jeheesus! So so nice without the black bar.

  • Tom

    #34 Giggity

    • H.Manback

      I think, we can call it Casual Thursday and you remove the tie…..

    • barabotz

      gotta love formal dress…like a girl who gets dressed up from time to time

    • Bob

      Best argument yet for a bow tie.

    • Shilling
      • Turtle

        aaaaaannnnnnnd thank you!

      • Mishal

        Thanks for the link Shilling! 🙂

    • gromtown

      is that a windsor knot?

    • James


  • Sandro

    #36….. Let those thing breathe!

    • Larry

      Find her!

      • musetv

        i can duz cpr wid my handz!!!

      • jeff

        i KNOW her….

  • Jason

    #3 why you not gif?

    • Yero

      I immediately checked the image info with disappointing results.

    • some guy

      y u no use meme right?

    • Joe

      Name's Lacey Banghard, i think!

      • Alessandro

        You are right!! Found in google without black bar…

    • Max
      • Ceasar Tiits

        max, you sir, are a great man

  • Dave Gogel

    #4 #17 #27 i can take the picture next time for if ya want. wowzers!

    • Rusty

      #17 does it for me *FAP FAP FAP FAP*

  • MikeofLA

    Amazing… Simply, these women are beautiful. I would kill a man to spend a week with these three. #17 #18 #34

  • Stefan Hartman

    #3 stopped me in my tracks. digg her!

  • Rusty

    #3 woot!

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #17 Very nice! She's got the brainy/beauty market cornered!

    • FlyingSpagMonst


      • Oshkosh

        Find Her #17

        • ...

          That's a trap, guys…

        • Jon

          Find her. MOAR

    • fng

      Bring her to me Chive. I will do what needs to be done

  • Jay

    #3 You could have at least just put stars or something other than the straight black bar.

    • RustyxTrombone

      i concur

    • romnick j. bantigue

      your verry hot for me

      my name romnick

      you wanna chat like me

      just add,

  • Johnny Tsunami

    #3 Damn you Chive! I started at it for 5 minutes. I'm not proud of that fact.

    • bull1123

      you and everybody else buddy. we're all fools…

    • Pat Mcgroin

      I stared at her for ten minutes and I'm damn proud of it.

  • newscot

    #1 is what I'm doing as soon as I get home. In that order.

    • TCUchiver

      I was thinking the same thing but in this order: go # 2, then bbq with the guys which includes # 3

    • ROK247

      the three things a man needs to survive in this god-forsaken world.

    • echogeo

      "Heinekens? Heinekens? Fuck Heinekens! Pabst Blue Ribbon!"
      R.I.P. Dennis Hopper

      • Roland

        Blue Velvet! Great underrated movie. I wouldn't drink PBR or Heineken though.

    • Tobias Boote

      i'll take all three plz to go!

    • downfall616

      i'll take all as is, but, change the pizza to a steak and there'd be nothing better

  • The Chubbiest

    I want the 2 minutes of my life back waiting for that black bar to disappear!!!!!

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #37 NO! Don't!

    • ReyTiburones

      See, when I lose my camera, shit like this is what ends up on it…not the gorgeous girl. I guess I'm hanging out with the wrong crowd

    • SmartAss

      Give him a break. That's his "Before P90X" photo — complete with Justin Bieber hair…

  • Dunny_

    #2 #31 are almost too cute to be legal.

    • Tigers Wood

      All I can say is MOAR of #31 from every possible angle.

      • Justin Hall

        #31 is Angie Varone. Famous on the interwebz. Honestly, she's probably the sexiest "internet girl" I've ever seen, and she is deserving of her own post. Those proportions are absolutely ridiculous.

        • Adam Heffelfinger

          Angie Varona… and yes, also, she is not legal………. YET

        • downfall616

          i thought that was her. had to stop and appreciate a PYT such as that

  • ClariseStarling

    #2 #4 #14 #17 #27

    TheChive, if there was ever any doubt, this clears it all: You Win.

  • neverbinLaid


  • James

    I waited for 5 minutes the black bar to flash, but no no avail

  • Roft

    Cat Saturday is a waste of your employee's time.

  • pdiddily420

    #32 Hot! I always love the lollipop pics. We need a gallery of hot women sucking on candy.

    • Jeb

      who is she?

      • Areselito

        Well her name is Marie Zucker, she doesn't look half as good on her other pics tho

  • MikeK

    Insert joke about "deep cleaning" here…

    • Bob

      Amber Stratton…Udel's Finest

  • Drakov

    So many pornstars on theChive lately.

    #4 cam with gisele
    #7 BrianaLeeXOXO
    #27 Kari Sweets

    • fap

      They're not pornstars if they just pose nude… But yeah I agree too many models on here. Yay for amateurs (Friday).

      • Jen

        you know your porn, drakov!

        • Jak

          Not surprising since his name sounds like Jackoff

  • Eazy B

    Beautiful. But some cake on way to much damn makeup!

    • b-ry

      totally agree. also hate the orange look in #16

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