• zman

    bastards, I nearly pissed myself!!!

    • Waters

      Man card, yeah I'll be taking it.

  • Jason

    I'm worried the first two words i saw were suicide and scum…….

    • huh?

      lol, me too. Followed by naked.

      • Sizzle

        Haha awesome. Those were the first 3 I saw, too.

        • Slappy

          Suicide scum pee for me.

          • BunkerPunk

            secret, suicide, naked…? Fuck it, sounds like a party!

            • kORD

              Suicide Coke Kiss. .. … Whelp! I see nothing wrong here. … … *calls therapist*

    • Randy Marsh

      Weird, me too. Must be because they are in the middle

    • Lau

      Rofl I found man, cum and suicide. What does this mean!?

      • Jen

        this means that you will have sex with a man and then you will cum and then you will kill yourself. isnt that obvious?

    • CalculatedRisk

      I had "leave" "suicide" "secret". Subtlety fail.

    • eclipze

      yeah I was thinking why I found suicide and scum first then the pic came on, almost screamed in the offce. lol.

  • Tyler Cornell

    you guys suck.


    FIND HER!!!!!

    • mcdice

      so I can shoot her!!!!

  • Nazz1962

    Good thing I do this at work with my sound turned down! hahahaha

    • r@f

      Its a GIF noob. There is no sound.

    • erikLOVESchive

      facepalm , lurn2intranet

  • sheoncebelieved

    I rule

    • jamie

      fool passion, naked we should get together

    • b-ry

      MOAR of you please.

    • dub

      You want to be crushed passionately, eh?

      I will whisper sweet nothings in your ear while sitting on your face. I'm flexible, I can do that.

  • Northman

    Suicide, secret, fury. Aaaand a pic of my future ex-girlfriend.

  • Dan


  • blue

    She knows how to treat a women any day of the month

    • SaltWaterSamurai

      that made me throw up a little

      • Red Rabbit

        only a little?

  • LA>>>CHIVE's

    the word CHIVE isnt in here, what gives anyways.. "secret, passion, kick" is what i found. guess this means i am on a quest to become a ninja!!

  • kenzington III

    I guess I have a lot of ladies after me.

  • alate

    son of a… !!!
    you owe me a new pair of underwear

  • pat

    i think i just shat myself

  • DCBizzle

    hmm… Maniac, kiss, truth. wtf does that mea- ahhhh!!

  • hardcorepaul

    Think im a little too prepared for the zombie apocalypse, theres now a spear through my laptop screen.
    SECRET, SUICIDE, PASSION worries me more than that chick

  • BobSugar

    Secret Naked Passion… in that order. What a win.

    • BobSugar

      After reading a few posts… I went back.

      Oh yeah, that… not cool.

  • Adonji

    I seriously saw "Bail, none, and suicide." FML!

  • Jim

    Rage, Secret, and Despair in that order. Quite telling.

  • anon

    i saw "cut, follow, suicide" wtf chive!

  • Gotcha

    Ha! Naked Passion Kiss, a good three

  • Rated R

    I Found – Fool, Suicide and Flesh….. WTF does that say about me???

  • Mike

    Well… "Lust, Fool and Leave?" ahh shit.. I should have left!….

  • stingorarr

    Naked made bail. Then my heart jumped to my mouth. Bastards.

  • NerdyGapGirl

    Sex Made Hate ;D

  • Brother Maynard

    Kick Naked Passion, do I need help? I must because I'm hallucinating pictures of zombified girls.

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