• Vagina Jones

    Made, Secrete, Suicide

  • Holly Sands

    Naked Ass Flesh O.o

  • interesting

    "secret , made, dread" Interesting

  • Michel Payette

    I absolutely HATE those…and now hate you Chive for that…

    But still…I played:

    Human, naked, Kiss.

  • Quinn039

    Secret, Ass, Dreads….. uhhhh wut?

  • my5tika1cll

    I thought it was Gonaherpasyphilaids??

    • dub



  • Beyta

    Wisdom, Present, Suicide haha

  • Bejesus

    Rage, Rape, Hate..

  • Rob

    secret, maniac…………………………aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh (proceed to spill beer on keyboard!)

  • Patrick Cormier

    i found Secret, Suicide, and Scum……that can't be good

  • Irishstephen

    Well that was both enlightening and disturbing. Then I saw the girl!! *throws up a little*

  • Malicenwonderland

    Malice , maniac, made

  • awesome

    suicide man rage

  • christy

    Lust, naked and passion….. yep lol

  • Hich

    Woman crush fool… And I'm a dude.

    Also, the only words in my mind anymore are "shit" and "pants".

  • Clenis9

    suicide, rage, naked. Apparently I have issues to address.

  • dub

    is cruch a word?

    is it?

  • KeyserSoze

    FIND HER!!! (and kill her)

  • onlunch

    Thats all I got.

  • DumbAssDave

    The, Thee, That. Yeah I am all those things and more!

    I is Home Skoolded

  • Mtychiver

    I found Secrets, enigma and Orgia Spanish for orgy

  • bkfrijoles

    I saw "Axel", "Pogo" and "Nom" sounds like im going to be a fat professorial Pogo stick jumper

  • Mina

    Lust, suicide scum now I feel like shit

  • sparkyinfla

    Not cool, Chive.

  • GoForth

    "Suicide", "scum" and "sin".

    That's what I get for LOL-ing at the Jeebus post…

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