• pokeman134

    Rush Fully Made. huh. dont know what that means

  • mattman_183

    Leave, Naked, Cut…. Apparently i'm an antisocial emo nudist. Great…

  • Nick Lugo

    Crush, Fool, Hidden

  • ImpressMe

    I hate you.

  • Erik

    Weed, cut, peep

  • Floyd

    Read, lust, kick

  • sexy11
  • Robert

    ha ha! This was a good one.

  • Shane

    Secret, passion, and coke?

  • semperi

    got to present suicide then she popped up…creeeeepy


    kick, cut, peep–then the creepy kid. what does that say?



    Says a lot about my dating strategy.

  • musetv

    leave… HOLY FUCK!

    great, chive. that's my personality. "leave holy fuck" thanks

  • kiba93

    man, made, dream

  • Eek

    Fool, Naked and Cum.

    This is too accurate.

  • @GaryCrazyBusey

    Sin, dread and none…

  • Dan

    Secret Flesh Men

  • Brandon

    Man, kick, naked?…kick naked man. I’m on my way to look for that bastard

  • Kyle

    I got, secret cum door…… fuuuuuuu

  • No need

    German, fool, secret. Huh. Guess

  • No need

    German, fool, secret. Huh. Guess i need some germans.

  • Spivias

    first word i saw was suicide…
    then i saw the picture pop up….
    not good

  • idunno

    crush, secret, dreads

  • andrewcm

    i may have shit my pants. . . .may have.

  • btard

    crush fool and cut D:

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