Things That Bounce Thursday (14 GIFS)

  • shaunvw

    Thank You Chive!!! Nothing to do at work today..this should help!!!!

    • Flicka

      HA! Me too. Office manager is out today!

    • John

      You pervs gonna masturbate at work?

      • FOR SERIOUS!


  • GTO


    Teach me how to juggie

    • Dan

      I love how in the close up shot, Dante is doing nothing but staring at her bouncing lovelies.

    • Mark1971

      who is she?

      • Lauren Gentile

        I think Rosario Dawson?

        • Tom

          yes It is Rosario Dawson. The movie is Clerks 2

          • BobSugar

            I'll say it again… never go ATM.

    • The_BOFH

      I assure you we're open today!

    • Big E

      Pillow Pants

    • asdfasdf

      it's cool, i'm taking it back

      • dub

        Porch Monkey

    • BobSugar

      Never go ATM! NEVER.

  • Thomas Stees

    #6 and #11 For the win!

    • Bob

      What is that? Velvet?


      • Dano

        Idk But I like it!

      • El BrandO

        That's Kelly Divine if I'm not mistaken. You're welcome. Even if I'm not right, you won't be disappointed… from the neck down, that is.

        • musetv

          face = fail. boobs = fail. ass = fail. the gif looks so much better than her

          • El BrandO

            I'll give you the face and boobs, but she has a great ass. So, I'll offer a concession: you won't be disappointed from the waist down.

  • n1ghtstalker

    Must get back to work!!! So Hard!

    • n1ghtstalker

      #6 and #11 by the way! Hot as hell and impossible to leave.

    • Gevth

      I see what you did there.



    #6 I love the chive

    • eeo1

      that's sara jay

      • mark

        God I hope not.. what a disappointment if so.

  • vaughn

    #3 As long as you don't want a bun in the oven… 😡

    • Kyle Retrato

      Megan Fox?

      • jpeee

        it's from the DEV song 'bass down low'

  • Fleasus

    Like bags of sand

  • HankT

    #14…Good lord that is nice, just enough bounce and what a spectacular ass…

    • Lauren Gentile

      Her ass is PERFECT. Lucky bystanders behind her!

      • HankT

        I couldn't agree more and not for nothing you're certainly doing alright for yourself too you know…

      • nerfherder

        Even the woman bystander cant take her eyes off that ass…….But who can blame her?

      • bull1123

        Agreed! It's all about proportions and her ass definately has the right kind!

    • Chazz B

      One of the best tushes i have seen.

    • dasuperfan

      haha I'm just picturing you talking with a British accent. kinda sounds like you're describing a fine wine.

      • HankT

        Quite a fine vintage this.
        Rather visually pleasing to the eye while carrying subtle notes of complete and utter HOTNESS!!!

        • dasuperfan

          what year is that, is it the 83 or 84… 83 was such a delicious year

    • Brad

      If I was that guy I would have got up to celebrate with her…

    • Cebrian

      Sabrina Sato guys, she do a tv show here in brazil, google "sabrina sato playboy" and enjoy.

      She fuking hot…

      • Cebrian

        She is*

  • yep

    #5 and #14 what are these from and where can i watch more footage of these delicious females.

    • yep
      • yep

        i am sorry that i found her because she is ugly as hell

        • Brad

          It's true, she's a butter-face

          • jp34

            why are you looking at her face?

        • MacNCheesePro

          What? Maybe because she's not blond, anorexic and a pointy face like most of the "models" on here? Sorry, but most of them look like a praying mantis. She's hot as hell!

        • 4SOC20saint

          want to know how i know your gay?

          but seriously thanks for the find

      • Lionhound

        Are you sure it's not Gianna Michaels?

        • Ryno

          I'm sure.

    • з=(•̪●)=ε

      Might not be a perfect 10 but she's a strong 7 -8!!

    • Harrison

      Jana defi awesome rack. Yeah most "models" are like praying mantis. she's got an ok face (I would horse it into her, no question). I actually glamour modes to models 'cos they have a bit more base instinctual appeal – large breasts and hips that could bear many children.

  • chrisdg74

    #5 – Damn it. Turn around.

    • Phil

      She's gonna throw out her back

      • BigD

        Or get a black eye.

    • Catalystika

      As the post above said, look up Jana Defi on Google images. There's plenty of her turned around.

    • billings

      We need a front view…even with a shirt…..

  • Tom

    I've seen #9 soooooo many times. She is great, variety would be nice though.

    • putnam120

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • Dino

      Who is she? I love her but I've never found her name!!

      • McSgwigga

        Shendelle Schokman – you're welcome

    • Brad

      there are other jiggly gif worthy videos of her…

      she's studying to be a gerontology nurse, a old person nurse. Lots of slaps on the butt from old men…

  • vaughn

    Isn't #11 one of the most mesmerizing things you've ever seen??? o.0

    • Rick

      Yes, it most certainly is

    • Jeremy

      I concur, Vaughn.

    • Mikey Mike Jr.

      …why do I feel like screwing a goldfish all of a sudden?

  • cheezebits

    the best Things That Bounce Thursday yet!

  • Dan

    #6 and #11


  • panama99

    #5 and #6 are great, who are they. Find them please.

  • Bryan

    Nice…. #6 #7

  • Dan


    If the Chive had been in 3D I would have been in fear of my life when that wrecking ball came swinging around.

  • JD Marsh

    they're all like…..a majestic lava lamp after smoking hippy lettuce. can't….look…away.

  • Transfixed

    #11 is talking … what do you think its saying?

    • Transfixed


    • n1ghtstalker

      thats a mumbler….. I can see the lips moving but I have no idea what she's sayin!

    • ScottyMac

      Eat Me, Eat Me Know

    • Erik von Markovik

      Pardon me but can I ass you a few questions. (ace ventura pet detective, '94)

  • ROK247

    oingy boingy boingy

  • Alan

    #12 instantaneous boner… as simple as that

    • Mike Honcho

      What movie is that?
      Who is that?

    • wolf1e

      Kat Dennings, looks like footage from the movie House Bunny. Worth a google, she has some amazing leaked topless pics 😉

      • Carlos Chavez

        Links or STFU

        • wolf1e

          Go and do a quick search, I don't have time to hand pick 'em for you. However, I do have time to tell you to f*ck off though =)

        • Cabinderada

          Don't ever say I didn't do anything for you.

  • Rick

    #9 has been walking by a few times already… but who is she?

    • McSgwigga

      shendelle schokman

  • Wes

    I work in a quiet office and I gasped out loud when i saw #5

  • Federico Schulzen

    i love you chive, im at work on holidays and wasted from last nite celebration of 420… so ur pretty much my morning

  • Bud Ugly

    #5 – how big is too big?

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