Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • hueyrocks

    #27 – Long live "NO MA'AM"!

  • Ado

    danger zone!!!!!

    • Robert

      hey is that from Archer? If so that's funny! LOL

  • bob151

    Awesome post, but #28 is still just fat & gross. #35 is SO sweet, but #50 takes the cake!!

    • Vagina Jones

      Your probably fat and gross.

  • Lack

    #35 I really wish those nipples weren't Photoshop

  • EastSidePaul

    #45 Ah the new Hitler Youth posters, subtle yet effective!

  • @ScottCO09

    #45 Already planning the Beer Hall Putsch

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #8 #18 this definitely was leg week on thechive. amazing gams!

  • NUB

    I am stunned. there was one DAMN HOT chick in yesterdays DAR, and she is not in this gallery.. she had like tatts on her fingers or whatever but hot damn that was the hottest chick I've seen in my life! Now i have to scroll back to yesterdays DAR so I can check her out. NICE.

    • Justchiving

      Nub breath in and breath out. Ur going to be ok. Jesus. I wonder how u react to an actual problem.

  • thegame

    18+ reposts.

    • Vagina Jones

      Its 'best photos of the week', dumbass. What did youbthink that means?

  • vector

    Jesus jokes!!? During Holy Week? Seriously flawed. What about mohammed jokes? You could get hurt posting those. But Christ is fair game. I will pray for you atheist jackwagons. A new low on a site that obviously knows no bottom.

    • Sta. Pereza

      Your argument is invalid

    • _PandaJerk

      It's a joke. Is humor a sin? Does Jesus not like humor?!? D:

    • mikey

      Mohammed is irrelevant to today's society, just like this Jesus bloke. They are then fair game…

    • boomzilla

      Here's wishing you a happy zombie Jesus day Vector!

    • mama

      i think this site knows a lot about bottoms. 😉 chill out vector. theres always cute buddha jokes to make u feel better.

  • todd

    #18, #35, #47… what a great week it has been.

  • ensergio

    #5 and #18 are stunning!

  • cmack

    #9 is something I know I should find offensive, yet I laugh every time I see it.

  • Colin

    #13, wow, just holy fucking shit wow

  • Spaceman Spiff


    Gotta be from Calvin & Hobbes. The best comic strip ever!

  • Bustin out

    #13 MOAR!!!!!

  • xen

    #31 poor horse..

  • Bob

    #13 Just one word awesome

  • Fun_King

    There was a picture of Jimi Hendryx with the caption "I've come for Bieber" recently, but I can't find it. Can anybody help me?

  • Ramennov

    #32 "Flees"? Really?

  • Beldar

    #13 Sasha. She is awesome.

  • Lunakohntic

    #1 is cool,
    We need more poignant reminders of how life really is…

  • Tanner

    I agree with Spaceman Spiff. That is definitely from Calvin & Hobbes. I still have a bunch of Calvin & Hobbes books.

  • WirelessCable

    #5 verrry nice! I approve of pretty much everything about this photo! √
    #10 oh god, internet meme in 3… 2… 1…
    #34 which is worse? fat man short '80's shorts? or dropping sparkler on kid's foot?
    #35 oooooooooh! I like what you did there!

  • 405N

    No. 8 is so spectacular, that she motivated me to sign up just to express my gratitude for making this picture available. Awesome!

    • cjwhookid

      yes, MOAR

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